Link Tank: Movie Remakes That Are Better Than the Original

Good movie remakes, queer representation in The Old Guard, Cobra Kai on Netflix, plus more in today's Link Tank!

More often than not, movie reboots suck. These excellent remakes are the exceptions to the rule.

“You can hear the collective groan from all the way across the internet whenever Hollywood announces a new remake. No, their success rate isn’t great. Critics and groaners get one thing wrong, though: Remakes are nothing new. Studios have been remaking their own stories since shortly after creating their first stories.”

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The queer representation in Netflix’s The Old Guard should be a wakeup call to big studios to make their movies more inclusive.

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“While major movie studios might make lots of excuses for their lack of LGBTQIA+ representation, and it might seem like the norm, the mold is finally being broken in other places. With most theaters still closed and very few new films releasing in them, more people than ever are watching streaming content, and Netflix’s The Old Guard put Disney (including Marvel and Star Wars), Warner Bros., and others to shame by showing just how easy queer representation in genre films can be.”

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Lenovo’s upcoming gaming laptop might just be the most portable yet at less than four pounds.

“Lenovo is shrinking the chassis of the Legion 7i from 0.79 in. to 0.7 in., and the weight from 4.6 lbs to 3.9 lbs., making the up-coming Legion Slim 7i the lightest and slimmest gaming laptop it’s ever made. The company is attempting to tackle the holy-grail of laptop design: a laptop that is light, thin, and aesthetically pleasing, but also one with well-designed thermals so it can pack some serious power.”

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Netflix is offering ten movies and shows for free, no subscriptions needed, including Bird Box and Stranger Things.

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Netflix saw a huge subscribe boost during the pandemic. However, you can never have enough, so the streaming service is now offering free access to 10 TV shows and movies in a bid to tempt more sign-ups. Using a new ‘Watch Free’ page as a launching point, Netflix says it’s ‘the premiere destination for all your entertainment needs. But don’t take our word for it—check out some of our favorite movies and TV shows, absolutely free.'”

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Does Cobra Kai‘s move to Netflix affect Karate Kids on YouTube? Here’s everything you need to know.

“When Cobra Kai first premiered to YouTube in 2018, no one expected the throwback martial arts drama to have an impact. But, surprisingly, it did. Just three years after YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium) launched, providing a slate of original scripted programming to compete with big-time streamers like Netflix and Hulu, the platform hit it big with its nostalgic return to the world of The Karate Kid.”

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While the pandemic’s impact on air travel will remain for sometime, here’s how safe it is to travel right now.

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“Safer than you might think, for an activity that involves strangers congregating for long stretches in a cramped metal tube. ‘Most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on flights,’ said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, citing commercial airlines’ sophisticated air filtration and circulation systems.”

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