Link Tank: How Keegan-Michael Key’s Villain Song Made Netflix’s Jingle Jangle

Keegan Michael-Key in Netflix's Jingle Jangle, a list of the best comedy movies, The Crown Season 4, and more in today's Link Tank!

Keegan Michael-Key in Netflix's Jingle Jangle

Perhaps the best thing about Netflix’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is Keegan-Michael Key’s villain song.

“We have to talk about something, and it’s the fact that I can’t get Keegan-Michael Key’s villain song from Netflix’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey out of my head. I didn’t expect this to happen to me, but, then again, we never expect these things, do we?”

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From Monty Python and the Holy Grail to Airplane!, here is an inconclusive list of the best comedy movies fo all time.

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“Comedy generates an immediate, undeniable audience response. If audiences are smiling and laughing, then there’s a good chance you made an effective funny movie. Thousands of comedies fall under the ‘effective funny movie’ umbrella, of course, but what about the movies that exist beyond that, in another sphere?”

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Netflix’s The Crown, in an unexpected movie, hinted at Prince Andrew’s scandals in its latest season.

The Crown’s season four depicts a youthful Andrew, Duke of York, that heavily foreshadows the scandals that will dog him later in life…. Viewers who are unfamiliar with the British Royal Family—and indeed, their ongoing scandals—might not have caught what The Crown does so archly with its depiction of Andrew here.”

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CVS will begin accepting touch-free Paypal and Venmo payments, the first national retailer to do so.

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“CVS Pharmacy is the first national retailer to offer touch-free payments through PayPal and Venmo. The chain, owned by CVS Health, this week began accepting QR codes at more than 8,000 locations, inviting customers to pay for items without touching a keypad or signing a receipt.”

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The key to human longevity may come down to your your macronutrient supplies and not intake, according to a new study.

“What we eat has the potential to either increase or decrease our lifespan. But aside from this essential truth, how to eat to our best advantage is up for debate. In a study released Monday, researchers offer some clues — and pose new questions. They argue human mortality is largely influenced by a balance of macronutrients — with the stipulation that the makeup of this balance should change across lifespan.”

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The Mandalorian season 2 already feels like a bigger Star Wars story than the entire first season.

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“Something is bubbling in a galaxy far, far away and it could be hinting at the future for a long time. A long time. The first three episodes of The Mandalorian season two have all felt, somehow, bigger in mythology than the first.”

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