Link Tank: How Anime Inspired Creed III

Discover the anime influences on the next Creed film, whether or not the Mean Girls cast will return for the musical, who the most hated movie characters are, and more in Link Tank!

Michael B. Jordan in Creed II
Photo: MGM

Creed star and now director Michael B. Jordan says the latest installment in the franchise was heavily inspired by anime.

“Appearing at IGN Fan Fest to promote Creed III alongside co-star Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan shared that the film is majorly influenced by anime. Making his directorial debut with the sequel to 2018’s Creed II, Jordan noted that he wanted to make his march on the franchise with the fights in the film.”

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Scar from The Lion King? Commodus from Gladiator? Here are some of the most loathed characters in the history of cinema.

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“Well-written villains are often a mixed bag. You either find yourself weirdly understanding and even rooting for them or just wishing you could jump into your screen to murder them yourself. This list focuses on the latter sort of antagonists.”

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Apparently, all four of the main stars of Mean Girls were willing to come back for the musical revival, but the studio had other ideas.

“It’s like they say: If you want to turn Mean Girls into Mean Women, you’ve got to make their money mean. Oh wait, they don’t say that? Maybe they will now: Plans are reportedly stalling for the original Plastics from the beloved 2004 movie Mean Girls to join the upcoming movie musical adaptation—and it’s over, you guessed it, money.”

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The Mandalorian is returning next week for another season, but did the last Star Wars TV series, Andor, ruin some of the excitement?

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“There’s an old song lyric that randomly pops into my head whenever I think about the Disney+ show Andor: ‘How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?’ It’s a wartime song about the fear that soldiers returning home from Europe would no longer be content with a simple country life. Star Wars fans can surely relate. Luke didn’t go back to Tatooine after blowing up the Death Star, did he? And now that Andor has redefined what a Star Wars show can be, it may be jarring transitioning back to something as straightforward as, say, The Mandalorian, which kicks off its third season on March 1.”

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The most recent episode of The Last of Us showed a more vulnerable side of its main character, and fans online are reacting well to the show’s relatability.

“It ain’t easy traveling across the country with folks who don’t have it all together. With the burden of succumbing to brutal violence himself, witnessing harm against folks who don’t deserve it, and remembering the echoes of normal life, the TV version of Joel is revealing something we all knew about Video Game Joel. Those of us who played The Last of Us rarely saw it, but it was always there: The dude might have a bad case of PTSD.”

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It’s hard to even get one season of a TV show, but what about the programs that have defied the odds the longest?

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“Television is a competitive industry, so any TV series that gets picked up past its first season should consider itself lucky. It’s rare when a series is popular enough to survive casting changes, cultural shifts, and disruptions in the media landscape. From daytime soap operas to late-night comedy programs, these are the 50 longest-running TV shows in history.”

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