Link Tank: Funniest I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Sketches to Watch

Netflix's I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, one-hit wonders in pop music, pit bulls in Denver, and more in today's Link Tank!

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson episode 5

Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is one of the funniest sketch comedy shows out there. Here are its funniest twelve sketches to check out.

“Without question, ITYSL is still Netflix’s most successful sketch comedy series to date, and it gives both up-and-coming talent (Patti Harrison, Conner O’Malley , Kate Berlant, Brandon Wardell, Sam Richardson, etc.) and recognizable faces (Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, Fred Willard, Andy Samberg, Steven Yeun, Tim Heidecker, etc.) a platform to flex their most deranged comedic muscles.”

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One-hit wonders in popular music rarely get the appreciation they’re due. Today, let’s celebrate some of the most memorable ones.

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“There’s nothing nobler in popular music than being a one-hit wonder. Let the Madonnas, Drakes, and Mariah Careys of the world fill their homes with platinum plaques. Only those artists who manage to crack the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 exactly once know the true meaning of pop music, an ephemeral art form rooted in fads and fleeting pleasures.”

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To highlight another example of the importance of down ballot voting, pit bulls will no longer be banned in Denver, Colorado come January of 2021.

“In a reminder of the importance of down ballots, Ballot Measure 2J was passed by 64% of the vote on Tuesday, and the legislation will begin the start of a permitting system for pit bulls and includes the breeds American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It goes into effect in January according to Colorado Politics.”

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The coronavirus does not discriminate between the young and the old. Here are how some previously infected young people are coping with lingering symptoms.

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“When the novel coronavirus first emerged, health experts were stunned by how fast it could damage the lungs. Now, as we continue to live with the virus, we’re learning how it also can attack the heart, GI tract, liver, kidneys, and even steal our senses of smell and taste. While older people are hit hardest, young and healthy adults can also suffer lingering effects, and their experiences reveal key lessons about life after Covid-19.”

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The upcoming Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is a joy to behold in these dark times. Check out its newest trailer.

“Disney and Lucasfilm have released the first full trailer for the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, streaming later this month on Disney+. Set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker, the episode will see Finn, Rey, Poe, Rose, and the rest of the galaxy come together to celebrate a hard-won Life Day after their defeat of the Final Order.”

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Portland, Maine voters have decidedly banned facial-recognition technology for at least five years.

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“Just months after Portland, Oregon, passed a strict ban on facial-recognition technology, the East Coast Portland has followed suit. Voters in Portland, Maine, this week passed a ballot initiative that temporarily bans the public use of facial-recognition technology by law enforcement and other government officials, reports the Bangor Daily News.”

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