Link Tank: Exciting eJunky Meet & Greet and Book Signing

Find out more about the eJunky author meet & greet and more in Link Tank!

eJunky cover art
From: eJunky

Do you have a copy of eJunky by Nicholas Tana? If so, consider checking out an exciting meet-and-greet book signing and reading next week!

“Author Nicholas Tana presents eJunky, a captivating futuristic noir set in 2055 that challenges our reliance on technology and blends elements of horror, dystopia, and sci-fi with a gritty detective narrative to excite and entertain readers. This event includes a sci-fi panel discussion on the impact of technology in our lives moderated by the author.”

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Fallen Jedi has been a consistent theme throughout Ahsoka. Let’s rank the various characters who have left the Jedi Order.

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“This week’s episode of Ahsoka, ‘Fallen Jedi,’ had a lot of Jedi in it. Perhaps even more than you might have first noticed! But did it have fallen Jedi, as promised by the title? Actually, yes! In fact, so many of the Jedi in ‘Fallen Jedi’ could ostensibly be described as Jedi that have Fallen we’ve decided to run the episode back and decide the ultimate Fallen Jedi.”

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Agatha Christie’s inspired catalog of countless whodunnit works has spanned decades of film adaptation, but which is the best?

“It makes sense that filmmakers have been turning to Agatha Christie for source material since 1928 (The Passing Of Mr. Quinn). Her mystery plots are tightly wound, her characters rich and well crafted, the settings full of interesting and exotic locales. The solutions have the perfect balance of the unexpected and the obvious, based on the evidence she threads through the investigation.”

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Pokémon is about to drop one of their most extensive TCG sets to date! Find out what cards will get the GX treatment from the upcoming set.

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“Pokémon 151 is set to be one of the biggest sets the Pokémon Trading Card Game has ever seen. Releasing on September 22, it’s a celebration of the original 151 Gen I Kanto pocket monsters, uniting the gang in full for the first time ever. Things are likely going to get loud, with pre-orders already selling out across multiple stores, including the official Pokémon Center. So let’s find out what the fuss is about.”

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A new trailer for Godzilla Minus One has arrived, showcasing one of the most explosive Godzilla films to date.

“A new trailer is out for Takashi Yamazaki’s contribution to the Godzilla franchise, Godzilla Minus One. Set in Japan in the aftermath of World War II, the country must now grapple with a new, unprecedented threat. The action film is directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki. He also helmed visual effects for the flick.”

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The late Jimmy Buffet turned a hit song into an entertainment empire. Discover how he was able to accomplish such a feat.

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“Few songs have proven as lucrative as ‘Margaritaville,’ a modest 1977 hit by the late singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett that became an anthem for an entire life philosophy. The track was the springboard for Buffett’s business empire—restaurants, apparel, kitchen appliances, and more—marketing the taking-it-easy message of its tropical print lyrics.”

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