Link Tank: Cyberpunk 2077’s Release Resurfaced the Worst of Gaming Culture

Cyberpunk 2077 and gaming culture, Nicolas Cage's upcoming Netflix series, the newest Batman in DC Comics, and more!

Cyberpunk 2077
Photo: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077‘s release brought back the worst of video game culture as male fans lambast female game reviewers for pointing out flaws in the game.

“Reviewing the latest and greatest video games before they’re released is a dream job for anyone who grew up enchanted by the glow of a computer monitor or console. that’s a dream that’s quickly shattered for women in the field once they publish their first review.”

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Nicolas Cage’s upcoming Netflix series will have the acclaimed actor explain the origins of the English language’s most popular swear words.

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“My usage of profanity has increased due to our current state of affairs, but as I recline back in my chair and contemplate my latest declaration of fuck and/or shit, I can’t help but wonder… what are the origins of these terms I hold so dear? Fortunately, our lord and savior, Nicolas of the Cage variety, has the answers.”

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NASA has announced the team of astronauts eligible for its next generation of moon missions, including notable female astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch.

“NASA has announced the 18 men and women who will form its Artemis Team and “help pave the way for the next astronaut mission on and around the Moon.” Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday introduced the next generation of space travelers, including Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, who performed NASA’s first all-female spacewalk in 2019.”

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Meet Tim Fox, the son of Batman ally Lucius Fox, the brother of Batwing, and DC Comics’ newest Batman.

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“After teasing that the upcoming Future State event would bring some bold, sweeping changes to a new generation of its legacy heroes, DC has confirmed the identity of the event’s Batman: Tim Fox, the estranged son of longtime Batman ally Lucius Fox, and brother of Batwing himself, Luke.”

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From Star Trek: Picard to I May Destroy You, check out Thrillist’s pick of 2020’s top 10 best TV shows.

“With new streaming services launching seemingly every week and endless waves of programming to consider, figuring out what to watch next should be a difficult task. But it’s a breeze for you, because you’ve bookmarked this running list of the very best TV shows of 2020, a ranking I’ll be updating regularly all year.”

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December 10 marks the first day of Hanukkah in 2020. Check out these fun facts about this Jewish winter holiday.

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“Every winter, Jewish people around the world spend eight nights lighting candles, eating latkes, and spinning dreidels. But beyond the menorahs and fried food, what’s Hanukkah really about?”

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