Link Tank: Could Halloween Ends Not Actually Be the End of Halloween?

Halloween might not be ending after all, the future of The C.W., Winnie the Pooh is getting the horror movie treatment, and more in Link Tank!

The Shape in Halloween Kills
Photo: Blumhouse/Universal

Despite the word “Ends” literally being in the title, John Carpenter is saying the next Halloween movie might not be the final film in the franchise after all.

“In a recent interview with The New YorkerHalloween franchise creator John Carpenter claims that Halloween Ends may not be the last installment.  The trailer for Halloween Ends debuted last month, giving die-hard fans a teaser of what to expect for the upcoming film. Carpenter, who is behind the slasher saga, spoke about potentially growing the franchise and adding more sequels. He told the publication, ‘If a movie makes enough money, you can be assured that it will [get a sequel].’ When asked if Halloween Ends would be the final film in the franchise, Carpenter did not give a definitive answer, ‘I will have to see how much money it makes!'”

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HBO Max has been removing its own content at an unprecedented rate. Here are the titles no longer available on the streaming service.

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“The Discovery/Warner Bros/HBO merger has left an entertainment void in its wake, with a whopping 67 movies and shows having been taken off the platform (with little warning) this month. Some of these were HBO/HBO Max exclusives, while others were acquired by the Streaming service (through subsidiaries like Cartoon Network) and some the titles have been on the platform since its announcement in 2019.”

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Could this be the end of the controversial yet ubiquitous network The C.W.?

“When one thinks of ‘The CW,’ it conjures images of mid-budget superhero action, soapy teen scandal, and whatever fresh hell is going on over at Riverdale (we say affectionately). But that vision of the network is becoming a thing of the past, as Nexstar Media Group has plans to take the CW in a different direction.”

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Was Winnie the Pooh nightmare fuel for you in the past? Perhaps not, but now he will be.

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“‘Oh bother’ just got a whole new meaning. A new movie called Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey makes use of the fact the famous literary character now lives in the public domain and turns him into something not a plump, lovable yellow bear whose head gets stuck in a honey jar. No, this Pooh is a killer. And he’s coming for Christopher Robin.”

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You can preorder the new Pokémon games and get some exclusive content, but fans aren’t impressed with what the preorder bonuses have to offer.

“Gamer salt over preorder bonuses is nothing new. But this time, the Pokémon community’s salt feels partially justified. Amazon recently showed an infographic that details what fans can get by ordering Scarlet and Violet digitally ahead of launch: A set that includes 10 potions, 10 antidotes, and three revives. The rewards feel so inconsequential that fans are mocking the bonuses online.”

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What are some of your favorite movies you absolutely hate, but from that, hatred is an odd form of love?

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“Many movies deemed ‘bad’ by audiences and critics fade into obscurity shortly after their release. Others fail spectacularly enough to make an impact on pop culture. These aren’t necessarily the worst movies ever made, but they may be the worst movies you’ve heard of, or the best worst movies.”

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