Link Tank: BTS is Getting Their Own LEGO Set

The popular K-Pop group is becoming LEGO, our first look at some Thor: Love and Thunder toys, Stephen Amell pokes fun at John Cena, and more in Link Tank!

The seven members of BTS goof off together in the music video for "Life Goes On"
Photo: BigHit Entertainment

Cause I-I-I’m in the stars tonight! Worldwide phenomenon BTS is getting their own LEGO set after being selected by a review board from a fan vote.

“Today, the LEGO Group is announcing the winners of its latest Ideas review round. Picking from 34 potential creations to see which fan-made project would have the honor of making it onto store shelves as an official set, two new future builds have now been unveiled. Including the LEGO debut of BTS and an A-Frame Cabin creation, all the details are down below.”

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Our first look at toys from Thor: Love and Thunder gives us our best look yet at Natalie Portman’s Might Thor, Christian Bale’s Gorr, and more!

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“Marvel is gearing up for one of its most anticipated upcoming sequels! Timed to this summer’s release of the MCU movie Thor: Love and Thunder, the Marvel site announced Tuesday that both Hasbro and LEGO have launched toy collections in honor of the superhero franchise.”

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The Green Arrow is briefly mentioned on DC’s most recent TV show, Peacemaker, so the live-action Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, is firing back.

“One of Peacemaker‘s most reliable running jokes is the character’s belief that members of the Justice League all harbor secret fetishes. Whether it’s Superman and scat play or Aquaman f****** fish, Chris (John Cena) has a highly specific, explicit slam for every major DC superhero, which he delivers with the utmost commitment and misplaced confidence. In the final episode of season one, Chris drops his latest bonkers theory, this time on Green Arrow.”

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It turns out the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, is a massive geek when it comes to popular table-top game Warhammer.

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“Henry Cavill has made something of a habit out of turning his geekiest passions into dreams come true—from playing the Man of Steel to getting to embody his love of the Witcher games as Netflix’s own Geralt of Rivia. Now the actor has taken his passion for Warhammer 40,000, and leveraged it get hands-on at the home of the hobby itself.”

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Do you remember Y: The Last Man on FX? It feels like the show got canceled before it could ever begin, but Y?

“The trajectory of the Y: The Last Man TV Show—beginning as a critically acclaimed graphic novel, subjected to a literal decade of development hell as a movie, and then ultimately re-developed as a TV show that was killed off halfway through airing its first season—lands somewhere at the intersection of tragedy and farce. Y had so many hopes and expectations riding on it, to say nothing of being an interesting, if flawed, show in its own right. So, why was FX so ready to kill it?”

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Would you classify Cyberpunk 2077 as an RPG after its most recent update?

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Cyberpunk 2077 disappointed a lot of players when it launched without many of its originally promised features. The quests were incredibly light on dynamic player choices, and advertised features like apartment customization and body augmentations were not in the final game. The gameplay was so lacking in previously expected depth that the company removed the word ‘RPG’ from the game’s store page and official social media. Two days ago, fans noticed that the Steam page for Cyberpunk 2077 added ‘RPG’ back into the description. A question arises: Does the latest large patch justify calling Cyberpunk a role-playing game?”

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