Link Tank: Will Breath of the Wild 2 Let You Pet Dogs?

Breath of the Wild 2, Amazon and the coronavirus, St. Patrick's Day facts, and more in today's Link Tank!

Breath of the Wild 2

Nintendo may finally let you pet dogs in the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2!

“With no news since its reveal at E3 2019, fans looking forward to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s forthcoming sequel have been left to contemplate many burning questions. What’s the story behind the reanimated corpse that looks like Ganon? Will Link explore a vastly transformed version of Hyrule, or a new locale altogether? And maybe the most vital bit of missing information: Will players finally be able to pet the dogs?”

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Fifteen seasons in, Supernatural is known as the show with a .gif for everything, including our toilet paper hoarding tendency in a time of crisis.

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“There’s a saying on the internet, around fandom spaces: ‘Supernatural has a gif for that.’ The 15-year-old show has gif for everything… And somehow, we also managed to have a gif ready for the coronavirus-induced toilet paper buying bonanza of 2020, from an episode that aired in 2009, no less.”

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How different is the brain of a polygot from others? A team of MIT researchers are trying to find out.

“There are more theories than facts about polyglots. Because internet lists of polyglots identify mainly men, there’s the belief that the male brain is more predisposed to multilingualism. Others believe that polyglots are disproportionately gay and/or left-handed. These unfounded theories infuriate Ev Fedorenko, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her lab is conducting a study seeking to dispel them and establish a basic understanding of how the polyglot brain works.”

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Check out 13 fun facts about this holiday.

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“Before you don your ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’ tee and set out to find a perfect pour of Guinness (or four), read up on some history of the day where we all claim to be at least a wee bit Irish.”

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Amazon is suspending sales of non-medical supplies by third-parties in the wake of the coronavirus.

“Amazon will stop independent third-party sellers on its platform from selling anything but medical supplies and household staples in the United States and the European Union. Amazon made the announcement to sellers through an email sent Tuesday morning and mentioned that ‘other high-demand products’ will also be allowed.”

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The 2020 US census is here. Find out how you can submit your forms online.

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“The first census took place back in 1790 after George Washington became president. It used to be conducted by US Marshalls; in 1880 the job went to the employees of the US Census Bureau, who trained enumerators to go door to door to gather info on who lived where. All that info is then used to determine the size of districts and can even change how many House members a state gets in the next election.”

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