Duo Gamer Game Controller For iPad, Review

Now, this is what I'm talking about...

So, there’s always been a key element missing from iPad/iPod/iPhone gaming and that’s the fact that there’s no good controller. Now the folks at Duo Games have attempted to solve that issue. Enter the Duo Gamer Controller for iPad.

Victory. The Duo Gamer controller attempts to bring hardcore gamers to the iPad by giving them the tool necessary to play top rated Gameloft titles like my personal favorite Modern Combat 3 (which is the main reason I wanted to test out the controller) and others such as Order & Chaos, Ashpalt 7: Heat and NFL Pro 2013. Playing these games with your finger feels nearly impossible and just isn’t that much fun. But once you sync up the Duo Gamer controller via Bluetooth, these titles become exponentially more enjoyable.

In the box you get one bluetooth controller, one controller sleeve for storage, a holder for your iPad and instructions for setup, which you totally don’t need. Set up is extremely easy, as all you have to do is sync the controller via Bluetooth. There’s no app you need to download or anything more required before you can jump right into gaming. Flawless.

I tested the Duo Gamer on 3 different Gameloft titles, Modern Combat 3Order & Chaos Online and NFL Pro 2013. This controller definitely upgrades your iPad gaming experience. I finally understand why I’ve been getting killed so much while playing Modern Combat; everyone else has been using a controller. Now, playing Modern Combat 3 is more of a treat than a chore and I saw a great increase in the number of kills I was able to accomplish with the controller, as opposed to just using my thumbs.

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The Duo Gamer is functional and that’s all you really need to make it worth the $39.99 price tag. The button layout is very well done and very familiar, which is necessary to make gamers feel as comfortable as possible. The controller’s analog sticks actually move better than similar ones on the Xbox 360 controller. They’re concave sticks, so PS3 players might not be as used to the feeling as we X-bots are (guilty as charged). And, most importantly, the Duo Gamer is responsive; there’s no lag!

A lot of folks complain about the ergonomics of the Duo Gamer Game Controller, but it’s actually not all that bad. In fact, when I held the controller surprisingly, it felt right, despite a physical appearance that made me assume it would feel blocky and unwelcoming.

I think the controller’s biggest flaw isn’t the square design, as you would think, but it’s actually the fact that it takes AA batteries instead of using an in-house charge. Batteries are a thing of the past. Sure there are rechargeable AA batteries, but it is an unfortunate, though very minor, detail that Duo Gamers required AA’s for their controller.

Overall, Duo Games’ Controller for iPad is a MUST have for any iPad gamer. Duo Games has a dedication to their controller, so it will work with more Gameloft games in the future. In fact, they’ve already announced that it will soon work with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, which I’m very excited about. The Duo Gamer controller greatly increases the enjoyment of iPad gaming, despite the limitation to 8 Gameloft titles. This controller is well worth the buy, so head over to http://duo-games.com/products/duo-game to purchase. Happy Gaming!