Best Rick and Morty Funko Pops

Just in time for the show's return, we've got a rundown of incredibly cool Rick and Morty products from Funko!

Rick and Morty Funko Pop Toys

Rick and Morty is back on Adult Swim for the remainder of its fourth season. We can all use some serious laughter right now, and the pair’s defiling of space and time is exactly the sort of pick me up that will bring a smile to our faces. Or a wince. And a dazed look that says “oh my god I can’t believe that this show just went there although I TOTALLY believe this show just sent there.”

Friends, Rick and Morty is pretty amazing stuff. Naturally, it’s spawned some incredible collectibles over the years – none of which are more satisfying than the products that Funko has been putting out in their line of vinyl POP! collectibles. There’s a good reason that these items are more desired that caseloads of Szechuan sauce: They capture the fun, unpredictability of Rick and Morty perfectly.  

So without further adieu, here are some of our favorite Funko POP! products based on the series!

Sentient Arm Morty Funko POP!

Sentient Arm Morty

Armothy lives! Recreate the jaw-dropping wonder of the third season’s “Rickmancing the Stone” episode with this POP! featuring Morty with an exceptionally swole arm that contains the lifeforce of an interdimensional being. 

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Buy Sentient Arm Morty on Amazon.

Funko POP! Deluxe King of $#! Rick

Funko POP! Deluxe King of $#! Rick 

Seeing how everything Rick touches turns to shit sooner or later, this Deluxe Funko POP! figure (which includes sound, which is hilarious AND gross) features poop regal Rick on his very own throne. And you thought the citizens of Winterfell had it rough…

Buy the Funko POP! Deluxe King of $#! Rick on Amazon.

Pickle Rick (With Laser) Funko POP!

Pickle Rick (With Laser)

There’s no way we would even dream of doing a guide to Rick and Morty collectibles without featuring Pickle Rick! (We heard you just scream his name by the way). And since we’re doing so, let’s go all out by showing you Pickle Rick ready to raise hell with his shoulder mounted – I mean, do pickles even have shoulders? – laser cannon.

Buy Pickle Rick (With Laser) on Amazon.

Pickle Rick Pocket POP! Keychain

Pickle Rick Pocket POP! Keychain

Pickle Rick is also available as a 1 ½-inch collectible keychain, giving you pickle power on the go.

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Buy the Pickle Rick Pocket POP! Keychain on Amazon.

Hologram Rick Clone Funko Pop

Hologram Rick Clone

Having never met a clone we didn’t like, we are exceptionally partial to this Amazon Exclusive Funko POP!, which brings to life Rick’s hologrammatic doppelganger through the magic of glow-in-the-dark paint details.

Buy Hologram Rick Clone on Amazon.

Scary Terry Funko POP!

Scary Terry

Despite looking like a dollar store knockoff of Freddy Krueger, Scary Terry really just wants to find acceptance. You can give him just that by recreating the “Lawnmower Dog” episode of Rick and Morty anytime you like with this Funko POP! replica of Terry.

Buy Scary Terry on Amazon.

Teddy Rick Funko POP!

Teddy Rick

Yo, this Care Bears reboot is bleak! Rick’s fascist Teddy Bear lookalike is one of the more out there characters in the Rick and Mortyverse, but you know what? We just can’t help wanting to smoosh his cute little self all the same.

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Buy Teddy Rick on Amazon.

Mr. Poopy Butthole Funko POP!

Mr. Poopy Butthole

Call us immature. Call us emotionally stunted. Whatever. But it is very important that you understand that no matter how old we here at Den of Geek live to be, the name Mr. Poopy Butthole will never, ever, cease to be hilarious.

Buy Mr. Poopy Butthole on Amazon.

Mr. Meeseeks Funko POP!

Mr. Meeseeks

Aimee Mann famously titled one of her albums @#%&*! Smilers (prounounced “Fucking Smilers”) as a response to those ever-cheerful people one encounters in life just when they need to deal with optimism the least. We’ve always suspected that these sort of outwardly happy folks live a rich inner life of endless torment, a feeling that was vindicated by the short-yet-brutal existence of Mr. Meeseeks. He may be smiling on the outside, but inwardly? He’s as miserable as the rest of us. Delicious.

Buy Mr. Meeseeks on Amazon.

Space Suit Rick with Snake and Space Suit Morty with Snake

Space Suit Rick and Morty with Snake

Neither Rick nor Morty are the most sensible dudes, yet they realize that without oxygen they’ll do their best end-of-Total Recall asphyxiation impersonation. Available separately, both Rick and Morty come packaged with a snake, dressed in their protective gear.

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