What Spooky TikTok Star Beckie-Ann Galentine Has Learned About the Paranormal

TikTok influencer and paranormal investigator Beckie-Ann Galentine reveals what mortuary science has taught her about the afterlife.

Beckie-Ann Galentine
Photo: Beckie-Ann Galentine

“I can honestly say I was living to die,” said Beckie-Ann Galentine, paranormal investigator and TikTok influencer, about her life before studying mortuary science. 

In a new interview with Galentine, known on social media as @MyBloodyGalentine, she told Den of Geek’s Talking Strange podcast — on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube — that she was living on the fringe, hanging out in the punk scene in Pittsburgh, living day by day. 

“And then a close friend of mine passed away.”

Shocked by her friend’s death, Galentine said she needed to know more. When she entered mortuary school, she believed “dead is dead.” But as she spoke with morticians, they took the job seriously, but: “They all have ghost stories.”

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They wouldn’t talk about ghosts in clinical settings, or around clients, but their stories did lead to a change in her perspective on life, death, and the afterlife. Galentine had previously been interested in the paranormal, setting off on investigations after a cemetery trip that began as a joke ended with her seeing a significant anomaly. But after that impactful experience, she strayed from her serious paranormal pursuits. 

Then her path to becoming an embalmer snapped her back into the unexplained.

“Before school, I was like, I like spooky stuff, creepy stuff, and death is cool, but I didn’t understand what it was to sit with a grieving family,” she said before adding that, now, “When I communicate with spirits, I try not to go in with a bias, but I’m like, I am speaking to someone who may as well been a family member of one of those families I was sitting with.”

As far as whether or not she believes ghosts might be sticking around graveyards or their own corpses, she tends to think it’s the emotional energy of the grieving loved ones “on the worst day of their lives” that leaves behind a psychic imprint, rather than the spirit of the departed. 

Galentine, who has amassed more than 12 million likes on TikTok alone, treats her pursuits seriously, but the Ouija-board collecting creator is not a doom-and-gloom personality. She said she places respect towards potential spirits at the forefront, but also is able to have fun in certain spooky situations when it’s appropriate. 

Case in point, she has been known to shake her “boo-ty” to Lizzo on a paranormal investigation, and seemed to elicit a response from the other side after telling a bad dad joke in a haunted location.

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“I didn’t think that would be the response!” she said. “The first joke [on an investigation] was a joke I was told at a party in 2009…It was the only joke I could think of.”

The duck joke not only quacked up a potential ghost, it’s racked up 130,000 views on TikTok and counting. 

For more from Beckie-Ann Galentine, check her out on TikTok and Instagram. And don’t miss the latest Talking Strange on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube where she further discusses her paranormal pursuits and theories.