AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results

All Elite Wrestling celebrated their one-year anniversary with one of the craziest main events ever. We have the results for you!

AEW Double or Nothing 2020
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling’s PPV schedule is more sporadic than WWE’s. When they did their last show, AEW Revolution, it was on Leap Day. It was a different time. The coronavirus was still in the “not that big deal” phase where delaying the new James Bond movie seemed like a silly, exaggerated response. The match of the night was Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. the Young Bucks and the aftermath was very open-ended as all four men and Cody were set to take on the Inner Circle in what was supposed to be AEW’s version of War Games.

Soon after, they did a show in Jacksonville with no audience due to COVID-19 concerns. Next thing you know, they’re at QT Marshall’s training facility in Georgia for a month’s worth of tapings, featuring 1/3 of the AEW roster and a handful of indie wrestlers. The Young Bucks were off the show and spent their times doing their YouTube series. Hangman Page was also quiet. The feud between Best Friends and the Death Triangle abruptly stopped.

At first, it seemed like AEW was going to go on hiatus after the tapings finished. Instead, with Florida allowing wrestling to exist as an essential business (man, 2020 is insane), AEW’s in the clear to keep their shows going, including their one-year anniversary show, AEW Double or Nothing 2020.


In the United States, the show is available on B/R Live. Elsewhere, it’s available on Fite.TV.

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Private Party vs. Best Friends at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


#1 Contenders’ Match

Results: Private Party set Trent up for the Gin and Juice, but Chuck pulled Marq out of the ring and Trent made a roll-up attempt on Isaiah. Afterwards, Best Friends took out Isaiah with the Strong Zero and won the match.

Casino Ladder Match at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


Future AEW World Championship match

Results: The order of entrants was Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Darby Allin, Orange Cassidy, Colt Cabana, Joey Janela, Luchasaurus, and Brian Cage. Cage debuted with Taz as his manager. Everyone initially teamed up on him and buried him under a pile of rubble and a giant poker chip. Lots of other people got involved, including Penelope Ford, Jimmy Havoc, Chuck Taylor, and Trent.

In the end, Cage burst from the rubble and destroyed Allin by laying him on a ladder and throwing that ladder out of the ring. He climbed another ladder unopposed and took the dangling poker chip to win an automatic title shot.

MJF vs. Jungle Boy at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


Results: Jungle Boy took some damage to his arm, which prevented him from being able to finish off MJF a couple times. Despite that, it was an even battle that ended with a series of countered pin attempts. MJF got the best of Jungle Boy with a prawn hold pin variation.

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Cody vs. Lance Archer for the TNT Championship at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


TNT Championship Tournament Finals

Results: Mike Tyson appeared with the TNT Championship, which hasn’t been finished due to the pandemic.

Arn Anderson interfered behind the referee’s back, causing another ref to come out and call him out on it. Both Anderson and Jake Roberts were sent to the back. Jake decided to instead grab a bag with a snake in it, but Tyson scared him off. Meanwhile in the ring, Cody reversed the Blackout into the Cross Rhodes and made the pin. Tyson presented him with the title belt.

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


Results: Statlander got a decisive victory by hitting Ford with the Big Bang Theory and pinning her. Commentary explained that Ford was out of her element due to only having a day’s notice that she was in the match.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


Results: Spears came out in a suit, acting like Dustin wasn’t going to show. He even had Dustin’s theme play just to mess with the viewers. Dustin did end up showing up and handed out a one-sided beating. He ended up stripping Spears down to his underwear, which for some reason had a picture of Tully Blanchard on the front. Dustin finished him off with the Final Reckoning.

Nyla Rose defends the AEW Women's World Championship against Hikaru Shida at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


No Disqualification/No Count-Out Match for the AEW Women’s Championship

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Results: After a battle that stretched around the whole arena, Shida broke a kendo stick over Rose’s head and delivered a couple running knee strikes to pin her and become the new Women’s Champion.

Jon Moxley defends the AEW World Championship against Mr. Brodie Lee at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


AEW World Championship

Results: The two fought on the stage and on their way back to the ring, Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift, which burst down through the floor. Moxley was first to get out of the hole and crawl into the ring with a bloody Brodie following after. Moxley caught him with a second Paradigm Shift, which Brodie kicked out of at one. Moxley started viciously punching and biting at Brodie’s wound before hitting another Paradigm Shift. This one got a two count. Moxley then went for a sleeper hold with a grapevine and Brodie passed out.

Stadium Stampede: The Inner Circle vs. The Elite at AEW Double or Nothing 2020


Stadium Stampede

Results: The match was utter insanity. Each team had football team intros, complete with cheerleaders. A ring was set up in the middle of the field. At first, Hangman Page didn’t show up, but he soon appeared on a horse to chase Sammy Guevara around.

Matt Hardy was able to fight off Proud ‘n’ Powerful on his own. He paralyzed Ortiz by ringing a large bell with Ortiz’s head inside it and then taped him to a wheelchair. Then he threw Santana into an ice chest and closed it with a broom.

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Jake Hager found Hangman Page hanging out in a bar and the two had a bar fight. Omega arrived to help Page put down Hager and the two poured each other drinks in celebration.

As Matt Jackson hit Guevara with a series of bridging Northern Lights suplexes that stretched the entire football field, Jericho was getting the better of Nick. Matt saved his brother and they ended up putting Jericho through a table. Hangman arrived with a football marker to draw a line across Jericho’s carcass.

Guevara woke up from his beating, thinking that he had won. Instead, he got chased down by a golf cart and the Elite chased him through the stands. In the end, Omega grabbed him and delivered a One-Winged Angel off the stands and through a platform below. He pinned Guevara, the others poured Gatorade on Omega, and the five celebrated.

The next AEW PPV is All Out on September 5.