Supergirl Cast Says Goodbye

As Supergirl gets closer to its final episode, the cast reminisces about what has made the series so special.

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl
Photo: The CW

If you needed a reminder of how precious the Supergirl cast is, look no further than the DC Fandome featurette released today, in which cast members from across the six seasons—many of whom have been with this show since its premiere on CBS in 2015—say goodbye to the series and its fans.

Melissa Benoist (Supergirl/Kara), Chyler Leigh (Alex), David Harewood (J’onn), Katie McGrath (Lena), Jesse Rath (Brainiac 5), Nicole Maines (Dreamer), Azie Tesfai (Kelly), Julie Gonzalo (Andrea), Staz Nair (William Dey), Mehcad Brooks (James), Jeremy Jordan (Winn), Chris Wood (Mon-El), and Peta Sergeant (Nyxly) were all on hand at DC Fandome (in a pre-recorded segment from the set of Supergirl) to reminisce. Topics discussed include: the impact of the show on their lives, their favorite scene from the series, wildest scene or stunt, funniest moment, favorite fan interaction, and the thing they’ll miss the most about the show.

Highlights include the cast reminiscing about the time director Kevin Smith hired a bacon truck to come to set during a rainy quarry shoot, the time Chris Wood hurt his jaw trying to eat a stack of 10 pancakes at once, and every episode of “Cloth Magic,” the Supergirl cast’s imagined spinoff show in which Benoist raises her cape to cover someone or something only to bring it down and to have that someone or something changed. As you can probably tell from those anecdotes, really the overall theme of the “Farewell Tribute” segment is how much this cast enjoys one another, laughing at inside jokes and sharing fond memories of their time working together.

“I got to work with very special people,” says Gonzalo, “and I think I’ll miss you guys the most. I think, like you said, the collaboration is really great, and, yeah, I think the friendships is what you miss.”

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“It has been lovely to work with a family, a real family-type group of people, that support each other,” added Harewood. “I’ll definitely miss that.”

As for Benoist, who has always been the center of this close-knit cast, it’s going to be sad to let go of the character. She said: “You know what? I do think I’ll miss playing a superhero… when enough time has gone by and I, you know, have some energy.”

The final episode of Supergirl will air later this year on The CW. Check out the entire 10-minute panel below…

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