Exclusive First Look at Blue Beetle #9

We've got a preview of this week's issue of Blue Beetle, which features Jaime Reyes in Ted Kord's costume.

DC sent over an exclusive preview of this week’s Blue Beetle#9. I was all ready to talk about Injustice 2when I got this in my inbox, but then I saw the preview pages, shouted “that’s scott Kolins drawing Jaime Rayes in Ted Kord’s costume!” at my dog, and swooned for a second. I’m old enough that I still get pangs of “Ted Kord is the real Blue Beetle,” even though Jaime is great in comics, Young Justice,and everywhere else he’s showing up.

So post-Rebirth, adding Ted in as a supporting character and acknowledging the history of the scarab and the mantle have been fantastic additions to Jaime’s story. And damn, that costume is awesome.

Also, not for nothing, but Jaime’s character mechanic in Injusticewhere he switches back and forth between blades and regular hands is like having two characters in one. Injustice 2is maybe my favorite fighting game of all time: impeccably balanced, packed with stuff to do, and with the standard, incredible Netherrealm fighting game story mode. Jaime and Firestorm are really great together there.

Anyway, here’s what DC has to say about Blue Beetle #9, which hits on Wednesday.

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Blue Beetle #9

Written by KEITH GIFFEN and J.M. DeMATTEIS • Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS • Variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM

The battle with the evil entity that’s been lurking under El Paso for thousands of years reaches its penultimate chapter! Jaime Reyes has wanted nothing more than to rid himself of the scarab on his back. But in order to save his city, his family and his friends, he must decide whether to become Blue Beetle again—only this time, the change will be permanent!

Check out these preview pages!