Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Episode IX, Galaxy’s Edge, Resistance

The hosts of our Star Wars podcast react to Episode IX wrapping, talk about Triple Force Friday, critique Resistance, and more.

Each month, the hosts of our Star Wars podcast, Megan, Paul, and Saf, take on the latest topics in the Expanded Universe, on television, and in the theater on Star Wars Blaster Canon.

Lots of news this month as J.J. Abrams broke the serious secrecy around Episode IX just long enough to post a photo of the cast on the day photography wrapped. The Star Wars Blaster Canon podcast hosts have you covered with analysis of the new costumes, and we’ve hyped ourselves up for what might be the last movie in Rey’s saga.

That’s just the beginning of a plethora of the news for February. “Triple Force Friday” and a bevy of other merchandising announcements have dropped, including a promise of toys connected to the upcoming game Jedi: Fallen Order. With all the changes in the Star Wars video game world, what can we expect from its merchandise?

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In terms of books, a full slate of tie-in products has been announced supporting the Galaxy’s Edge theme park. An excerpt from the novel Master and Apprentice sparks a comparison of Legends Qui-Gon to the character as he appears in Age of Republic and in The Clone Wars.

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As the characters in Resistance grow, we get a better feeling for which people and relationships have most at stake on the Colossus. We’re still lukewarm on the show, and talk about the highs and lows of the first season, plus comparing it to The Clone Wars’ rough start. With Resistance approaching The Force Awakens, there’s plenty of room to theorize about how the show connects to the film.

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