Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: The Clone Wars, High Republic

Our Star Wars podcast hosts share their thoughts on the return of The Clone Wars and the launch of the Project Luminous book lineup.

Star Wars: The High Republic
Photo: Lucasfilm

This month on the Star Wars Blaster Canon podcast, we cover new Star Wars book announcements and discuss a lot of The High Republic‘s possible connections to the classic Expanded Universe. Plus, the return of The Clone Wars bears discussion as well.

Before we get into that, however, the beginning of the episode features a tribute to John Bierly, former Blaster Canon member, who passed away unexpectedly in late January. A passionate Star Wars fan, he made all of our podcasting journeys better. 

News this month includes an announcement of The Rise of Skywalker comics adaptation and the 2020 toy line from Hasbro, Funko, and more. Paul has been to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge and loved it. He gives us an inside look at the Rise of the Resistance ride, as well as some honest reviews of lightsabers and toys that may not be worth the money. In addition, Saf takes the opportunity to share her professional New Zealander opinion on the clones’ accents in The Clone Wars as the show returns to Disney+ for another season.

The mysterious Project Luminous has been revealed as a new crop of books set in the High Republic, an era 200 years before The Phantom Menace. Jedi are at the height of their powers, fighting against a group called the Nihil, described as “space vikings.” Concept art by Iain McCaig of Prequel Trilogy fame has fans excited about a whole host of new characters who may or may not actually appear in the books.

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We discuss how the initiative can bring in new fans and why the era Disney and Lucasfilm chose for it makes sense. There are also some deeper canon cuts: what does the inclusion of a loth wolf in promo art for the new book series mean for the future of animation in a galaxy far, far away?

Finally, we go off on a bit of a tangent sparked by a question about whether we’d want to see Darth Revan in the new canon. What is the core fantasy of Revan and how could that be accomplished in another character? Or is Revan the right choice because of their ongoing popularity?

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