Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Star Wars Celebration 2019 Edition

Our Star Wars podcast hosts attended Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and they're sharing their highlights and impressions.

Star Wars Blaster Canon is back from Star Wars Celebration Chicago with news about The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and more. We recount how the best part of Celebrations is the way the convention lifts our spirits and shows Star Wars fans at their best, including embracing Kelly Marie Tran after she was hassled off of Twitter.

Episode IX brought a surprise: the return of the Emperor. We speculate on what form he might be living in on after his apparent defeat, and how his presence helps tie all nine movies together. Paul and Saf debate over whether directional decisions will create tension between Episode VIII and IX.

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After a brief foray into the upcoming seventh season of the The Clone Wars we talk Jedi: Fallen Order, the Del Rey tease of “Project Luminous,” and The Mandalorian, including the new images and how the panel itself was handled. A big part of the con experience is dictated by the behind-the-scenes planning, and so we also talk about how panel hosts and streaming changed the experience.

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