Xbox One

Rainbow Six: Siege 'Operator' trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Mar 31, 2015

Ubisoft's revival of Rainbow 6 may have dropped off your radar, but here's a new trailer to get it back on track...

Halo 5: release date and new trailers

Ryan Lambie News Mar 30, 2015

Master Chief will finally appear on the Xbox One later this year, Microsoft has announced. Plus: new live-action trailers...

Evolve: new patch tones down monster power

Ryan Lambie News Mar 25, 2015

Turtle Rock's four-on-one shooter Evolve is getting a bit of a rebalance, as a new patch tones down the Wraith's movement power...

Batman: Arkham Knight 'Officer Down' trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Mar 24, 2015

A new gameplay trailer has arrived for Batman: Arkham Knight, and here it is...

Phantom Dust reboot footage leaked

Aaron Birch News Mar 20, 2015

Footage of the cancelled reboot of Microsoft's Phantom Dust has been leaked online...

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is live

Aaron Birch Trailer Mar 18, 2015

PC and Mac players now have access to the new non-subscription TES: Online, and here's the new trailer...

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition PS4 review

Aaron Birch Review Mar 16, 2015

It's another Capcom remaster, but is the current gen release of DmC more than a lick of paint?

DmC: Definitive Edition launch trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Mar 11, 2015

The current gen remaster of DmC is here, and here's the launch trailer, with a special teaser at the end...

Ori And The Blind Forest: new trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Mar 9, 2015

Indie platformer Ori And The Blind Forest is out this week. As a timely reminder, here's a luminous new trailer...

Shovel Knight coming to Xbox One, with added Battletoads

Aaron Birch News Mar 5, 2015

Indie platform darling, Shovel Knight is coming to Xbox One, and is bringing some retro heroes with it...