Star Trek: title and teaser for new TV series

News Rob Leane Louisa Mellor
23 Jul 2016 - 23:30

Bryan Fuller's Star Trek series is called Star Trek: Discovery, and the first teaser has been released for it...

Here's some breaking news from San Diego Comic-Con: Bryan Fuller's new Star Trek TV series is going by the title Star Trek: Discovery. This first look teaser clip has also been released, confirming that 'Discovery' is the name of the new ship at the centre of the show...

This follows the news from earlier today that well-versed pilot director David Semel (HeroesPerson Of InterestGoliath and The Man In The High Castle) is set to helm the opening episode of the show.

Star Trek TV series air date

Star Trek: Discovery will air in January 2017, on CBS All Access in the USA and Netflix here in the UK. 

More as we hear it.

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