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Thor review

James Hunt Review Apr 17, 2011

Blockbuster season 2011 officially kicks off, as Chris Hemsworth stars in Kenneth Branagh's film of Thor. So is it any good?

Latest footage from Marvel’s Thor

Simon Brew News Apr 4, 2011

A pair of new TV spots see Anthony Hopkins looking angry and Chris Hemsworth swinging a massive hammer. Meet Thor…

Brand new trailer for Thor

Simon Brew Trailer Feb 18, 2011

The second, longer trailer for Marvel’s Thor is released. And we get a glimpse of what he’s up against, too…

The first official trailer for Thor arrives

MC Hammer Trailer Dec 10, 2010

The eagerly-awaited first official trailer for Kenneth Branagh's Thor is finally here, and you can take a look at it within...

Thor: the Comic-Con trailer

Mark Foster Trailer Jul 29, 2010

Want to see the five minutes of footage that appeared of Marvel's Thor at Comic-Con?

Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will both be 3D

Ryan Lambie News Jul 15, 2010

Marvel Studios’ forthcoming Thor and Captain America movies will be presented in post-production-added 3D, their directors officially reveal…

Stuart Townsend leaves Thor, shoot begins

Simon Brew News Jan 12, 2010

Kenneth Branagh’s film of Marvel’s Thor starts its shoot, without Stuart Townsend on board…

Thor latest casting news

Simon Brew News Nov 20, 2009

Kenneth Branagh’s big screen take on Thor rounds out its cast…

Thor: casting rumour round-up

Simon Brew News Oct 21, 2009

Kenneth Branagh’s Thor starts shooting soon: but is there any substance to the latest casting rumours?