New trailer for Destiny

Aaron Birch Trailer Aug 19, 2014

Bungie has released a new trailer for Destiny, this time revealing the sights, sounds and foes of Venus...

Destiny gets release date

Aaron Birch News Dec 7, 2013

Bungie's new open-world FPS IP has a confirmed release date...

Masses of Destiny details released

Aaron Birch News Dec 5, 2013

The latest issue of Game Informer has revealed a ton of information about Bungie's Destiny...

E3: Destiny gameplay trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jun 11, 2013

Bungie's Destiny has its first gameplay trailer, and you can gawk at it here...

Destiny: a behind-the-scenes video arrives

Ryan Lambie Trailer Feb 17, 2013

Bungie has divulged a few details about Destiny. And there’s a behind-the-scenes video to watch too...

What is Bungie's Destiny?

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 14, 2013

As Bungie hints at an imminent information drop for its forthcoming Destiny, we take a look at what we know so far...

New Bungie title outed by court documents

Aaron Birch News May 22, 2012

Legal documents have revealed some information about Bungie’s new projects, and Activision is involved…

Halo stats reveal immense digital genocide

Aaron Birch News Apr 2, 2012

Bungie says its goodbyes to the series it spawned, and shares some impressive stats on the way out the door…

Halo: Reach Xbox 360 review

Aaron Birch Review Sep 17, 2010

Can Bungie’s swansong live up to the hype? Aaron find out as he tackles Halo: Reach…