Top 20 scariest horror movie masks

Odd List Sarah Dobbs 31 Jan 2014 - 07:00

Any good horror movie villain needs a mask. Sarah counts down 20 of the most frightening face-hiders in the movies...

Ever since Michael Myers went on a killing spree in his Halloween costume, masks have been a staple of slasher movies.

Sometimes they serve to hide the killer’s identity, while other times they conceal a disfigured face, and other times, well, probably the production team just thought it’d look cool. Usually, the idea is that it’s what lurks underneath the mask that’s scary, but a good horror movie mask is frightening in its own right.

Here, then, are 20 of the scariest masks ever to turn up in a horror movie:

20. Pig Mask

As worn by: Jigsaw’s various acolytes in the Saw franchise

There’s so much going on in the Saw movies that this mask is far from the most iconic thing in the movies, but since Billy is a puppet and not a mask, he couldn’t be included on this list. But with its straggly black hair and gloopy eyes, the pig mask is pretty terrifying in its own right – especially for swinophobes like, um, me.

19. Wind-up frog mask

As worn by: The unfortunate Dr Hargreaves in The Abominable Dr Phibes

This decorative frog mask isn’t particularly scary to look at. What makes it scary is what it does. Rather than being used as a disguise by the killer, this mask is designed for his victim: once switched on, a built-in mechanism causes the mask to tighten until it crushes the skull of the unfortunate wearer. Ouch.

18. Lamb, tiger, and fox masks

As worn by: Assorted killers in You’re Next

Out of context, these masks are kind of adorable – they’re just animals, after all. But in context, the cutesy masks are pretty frightening. They’re worn by black-clad killers who loom out of the darkness, lurking under the bed or unexpectedly smashing through windows, and all that violence makes the pleasant, blank expressions on the masks start to seem distinctly horrible.

17. Night Owl

As worn by: The killer (and one of the victims) in Stage Fright

Yeah, yeah, owls are wise and quirky and meme-worth and all that, but they’re also birds of prey, and there’s something a bit unsettling about their huge dark eyes. Michel Soavi’s Stage Fright might’ve been a fairly unremarkable slasher, but the killer’s owl mask is beautiful and horrifying all at once.

16. Smiley

As worn by: Various members of Anonymous in Smiley

You’d think a mask based on an emoticon would be kind of cute, particularly a smiling one, but the execution of this one makes it grotesque instead. The smooth skin hiding the killer’s facial features is mildly unsettling to begin with – it makes it seem like their eyes and nose are missing – but it’s the jaggedly stitched up gashes that form the ‘smiley’ that makes it really repulsive.

15. Cupid

As worn by: ‘JM’ in Valentine

I think this one might be supposed to be cute. It’s meant to be Cupid, the winged baby that goes around shooting people with arrows, but there’s something about it that’s sinister. Maybe it’s the combination of a baby face on a grown man’s body, or maybe it’s just not a very nice looking baby face. Either way, the Cupid mask brings a weirdly baroque creepiness to this early 2000s slasher.

14. Unnamed serial killer mask

As worn by: Leslie Vernon in Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Leslie Vernon knows better than most how important a good serial killing mask is: he’s studied the classics and is working on building his own serial killer mythos. Although this is a strikingly weird-looking mask, he’s kind of missed a trick by not giving it an equally creepy name.

13. Hag mask

As worn by: The ice-skating killer in Curtains

It’s the uncanny valley effect that makes this mask scary, really. It doesn’t have any particularly terrifying features; it’s just kind of blank, and a bit shapeless. But the way it looks like a human face gone ever so slightly wrong makes it pretty horrible to look at.

12. ‘Satan’

As worn by: The unidentified killer in Satan’s Little Helper

It looks like a cheap Halloween mask. It’s meant to be a cheap Halloween mask. But as ‘Satan’ starts killing people for real, aided by a nine-year-old computer game addict, the horrible face of the mask starts to look really really super creepy.

11. Demon mask

As worn by: No-one, really, but it’s from Demons

Another one that’s scary for what it does rather than who it’s worn by, this shiny demonic mask has sharp edges and will turn anyone daft enough to cut themselves on it into a ravening demonic… thingummy. Which is pretty scary. Other than that, it actually looks pretty cool.

10. The Phantom’s mask

As worn by: Winslow Leach in Phantom of the Paradise

The Phantom of the Opera might be the original masked killer, but while the Phantom’s traditional half-mask is pretty cool, it’s got nothing on the weird metal bird mask donned by the Phantom of the Paradise. It’s vaguely robotic, looks decidedly uncomfortable, and is deeply creepy.

9. Preacherman

As worn by: Preacherman in Slashers

Preacherman might not have been the scariest killer in the ‘$la$her$’ arena, but he probably had the most frightening mask. It’s another one of those faces-going-wrong deals, where he sort of looks like a plasticky decayed guy, and that, combined with the ridiculous preacher outfit, makes for a pretty nasty combination.

8. These horrifying grinning faces

As worn by: The Polite Leader and co in The Purge

What kind of mask should you wear to murder your neighbours? Maybe something with exaggerated features and massive insincere toothy grins? The gang in The Purge definitely had good taste in horrible masks. (And In an amazing bit of casting work, the Polite Leader had almost exactly the same face underneath his mask, which made it extra terrifying.)

7. Dead William Shatner mask

As worn by: Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise

This is yet another one of those uncanny valley things. Michael’s mask is based on a human face, but it’s blank, baggy, wrong. And somehow, knowing it was based on a death mask made from William Shatner’s face for an episode of Star Trek makes everything seem much, much worse.

6. ChromeSkull

As worn by: ChromeSkull in the Laid To Rest franchise

Laid To Rest is a terrible film. Its sequel is sort of vaguely better, but not by much. But the mask is just so incredibly cool-looking that it’s hard not to wish that wasn’t true. Look at it! It’s almost anatomically correct, but sort of distorted, and incredibly shiny. It’s definitely a mask to strike terror into your enemies with.

5. The Mask of Satan

As worn by: Asa and Javuto in Black Sunday

Black Sunday is an incredibly stylish horror movie, and that style extends all the way to this amazing mask. It’s another one that you really wouldn’t want to try on, though: it’s got spikes on the inside, and is used to torture and kill accused witches. Which means if you see someone wandering around wearing it, they’re already dead. Yikes.

4. Rabbit mask

As worn by: Frank in Donnie Darko

You’ve never seen a rabbit that looks like that, and you’d never want to. Frank’s rabbit mask is eerie, distorted, grotesque, and utterly unforgettable. Imagine seeing that looking back at you from the mirror. You’d never sleep again.

3. Machete mask

As worn by: Jason Voorhees in Jason X

Jason first donned a hockey mask in Friday The 13th Part III, but that was basically just a piece of sporting equipment. Accessorizing it with a massive knife upped the fear factor, but the mask itself just wasn’t that scary. Until Jason X, when a spaceship’s medical computer accidentally rebuilds the serial killer using his machete as a template. A mask made out of a massive knife? Yeah, that’s scary.

2. Ghostface

As worn by: Various killers in the Scream franchise

It’s simple, striking, and kind of brilliant. Based loosely on Munch’s The Scream, and originally created by Fun World as a Halloween costume before Wes Craven nabbed it for Scream, it’s deceptively simple. It might only have black blobs for features, but it’s surprisingly expressive. (And it’s usually expressing “I’m going to kill you now.”)

1. Leatherface

As worn by: Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There are so many things an aspiring murderer could choose to make their mask out of – plastic, wood, metal, or cloth, for instance. Even an off-the-peg number can be terrifying in the right circumstances. But the scariest material for mask-making has got to be human skin. It’s gross, it’s threatening, and yeah, there’s not much scarier than that. Bleurghhh.

Other scary masks that didn’t quite make the cut: The masks in Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, the dolls from The Cabin in the Woods, the burlap sack from The Orphanage, the white mask from Eyes Without A Face, Hannibal Lecter’s muzzle from The Silence of the Lambs.

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Aaah cool. Hopefully one day my movie will be on this list. Check out The Redwood Massacre on facebook. It's an 80's style horror set in Scotland with the "Evil" based on some of the characters on this list.

Michael Myers will always be number 1 on this list. Scares the crap out of me... well, until I saw the remake and the little kid was wearing it! That made me laugh out loud :D

Scarecrow's mask from "Batman Begins" was pretty scary IMHO.

No a horror, but the Droogs from Clockwork Orange are memorable

cool list & so many masks to choose from, I would also have included the button eyed monstrosity worn by cronenberg in nightbreed, that really freaked me out back in the day.

I'd add the Hannibal's flesh mask from Silence of the Lambs, Klytus's mask in Flash Gordon (particularly when the stuff oozes out when he dies) and of course, Vader's mask in Star Wars. But I guess, none of them are strictly 'horror' movies.

David Cronenberg's mask from Nightbreed.

yeah that's much scarier, freaked me out when i was younger

Ha, I was just about to say the buttonface mask from Nightbreed should be in here!

What about the Mask from 'The Mask' . I would also suggest the masks from Halloween 3 that melt the wearers face for no real reason. The other truly scary one is from Eyes without a Face. Really creepy

The Mask isn't a horror movie, though - and the other two were in the honorable mentions bit at the bottom of the article!

Its even scarier in the video games.

I'd add Scarecrow's mask from Batman Begins

Thank you for that list. I have updated Lovefilm/Netflix accordingly. The Strangers masks should get an honourable mention.

Was Mr Boogie wearing a mask in Sinister? I was too scared to look properly.

Scary enough?

Donnie Darko? A horror film???

What about the animal masks work by the children in "The Wicker Man" (original version)?

Or the whole bear suit worn by Nick Cage in the remake??

I don't think so, I think he just had a demonic face?

Dude, if you want us to take a look at your movie, you can send it over (I don't think I can paste links here, so search for "An invitation to indie filmmakers" on this site for details) but this is verging on spam.

Apologies. I won't post on it again. Feel free to delete the poster.

It's cool, we're keen to find out about and support new independent movies, but there are better ways to get our attention. :)

tried to delete the poster. says on my pc it's still there. apologies again.

Not a mask as such, but it's certainly a creepy moment you first see the "man" from Timecrimes with his bloody, bandaged face.

That Shatner mask gave me nightmares for years.

The animal masks in both The Shining and The Wicker Man and even Sebastian Blood's mask in Arrow are all pretty creepy.

Wow I had no idea horrifying masks were my worst fear. Thanks Den of Geek! You're always so insightful when it comes to film, TV, video games, pop culture and my soul.


Surely the baby mask from Brazil? So sinister and creepy whilst not being in a typical 'Coming to kill ya' context.

Possibly the best back and forth on SPAM ever!

Not a film, but I'd say Bloody Face from American Horror Story is pretty high on my list.

What about the *original* Saw mask? Creepy indeed.

... Which one do you mean?

Yeah, it's pretty hideous! I think it's a TCM reference, though, isn't it?

Probably! Although I think they maybe took it a creepy, blood-soaked step forward.

The mask the killer wears in Pete Walkers "The Comeback" did it for me when I first watched the film. Shrieking old crone with a sickle - horrible!

Michael Myers mask that low? GTFO. Not a huge fan of the movie itself, but the main character from 'The Strangers' has a pretty cool mask.

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