Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14 Review: Hypnotic Halloween

Holiday episodes of Power Rangers aren't usually much to write home about but this one says something really important about Beast Morphers.

This Power Rangers Beast Morphers review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14

Going into the recent Power Rangers holiday specials it’s required to have bottom of the barrel expectations. They’re clip shows. They’re meant to be quick and easy to film to fill out the apparent requirement for holiday episodes. They’re never going to make a best of list (unless it’s ranking Power Rangers Halloween episodes… which we’ve done, of course.) With all that in mind, ‘Hypnotic Halloween’ is actually fairly fun and demonstrates why Beast Morphers as a whole is a vast improvement over previous seasons.

It has characters that are fun to watch run around in costumes. We’ve seen every team for the past nine years do this and none of them can compare to Zoey with her Viking accent. It should feel cringey but the actress is selling it beyond belief. Seeing her be hypnotized isn’t fun just because she’s acting silly, but it’s because a character we know and love is acting in a way we don’t normally see. Same thing for the others. Ravi as Sherlock Holmes is adorable. Nate and Steel as Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster is the best costume choice in Power Rangers… ever??? The plot of Devon needing to dress up in different outfits to snap everyone out of their characters brought a gigantic smile to my face.

This lark of an episode wouldn’t work if we didn’t love the characters and that’s what Beast Morphers has done so well. Even if it isn’t living up to the potential of the premiere, all of the characters are endearing. It’s fun to see what they get up to every week, even if the episodes vary in quality. A lot of that is down to the actors filling them with life but the writing overall has seen an uptick in quality. The relationship between Nate and Steel alone is one of the most endearing in the franchise’s history, mostly because Steel is just so full of himself and Nate going along with it.

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If a series has characters the audience loves, mediocre plots can be mostly forgiven. Yes, of course it would be great to have amazing plots and engaging characters but I’ll high quality characters with so-so plots over an intricate story with boring characters. It reminds me a lot of Power Rangers Dino Charge, where even if the show took a nosedive in its second season the characters still made it an enjoyable watch.

This isn’t to say ‘Hynotic Halloween’ is some bastion of quality. The second half of the episode feels almost totally disconnected from the first, besides the final scene. Still, that first half is so much fun it carries us through to the very end. While this isn’t a great episode it at least reminds us what Beast Morphers has been doing so well. That and to never sign-up for a free streaming service. PAY FOR THE PREIMUM ACCOUNT!

It also confirmed the existence of a video game called Backstreet Brawler 3 and the Power Rangers universe is all the better for it.

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2.5 out of 5