Is DreamWorks in trouble?

Simon Brew Feature Jan 2, 2015

With schedules shifting, Penguins struggling and some films disappearing altogether, has something gone wrong at DreamWorks?

The Penguins Of Madagascar review

Ron Hogan Review Dec 5, 2014

DreamWorks Animation spins Madagascar's penguins out into a funny spy caper of their own. Comes with bonus Werner Herzog.

In praise of cinema kids' club screenings

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Taking kids to the cinema can be a fraught experience, but kids' clubs make things easier. Simon's a fan...

Bonnie Arnold interview: How To Train Your Dragon 2 & 3

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Producer Bonnie Arnold talks to us about the How To Train Your Dragon films, and the culture of DreamWorks Animation,

The winners and losers of summer 2014

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Marvel soared while Adam Sandler floundered. Simon takes a closer look at the winners and losers of 2014's summer blockbuster season...

Bonnie Arnold interview: Dragon 2, Dances With Wolves, DreamWorks

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Producer Bonnie Arnold on the challenges of the How To Train Your Dragon movies, and looking back at Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves.

Turbo review

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DreamWorks brings a racing snail to the screen in Turbo. And the results are good...

David Soren interview: Turbo, Toonstruck, Aardman

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For his debut feature, director David Soren came up with Turbo. He talks to us about it, and his early days working on Toonstruck...

Dreamworks boss offered $75 million for 3 new Breaking Bad episodes

Louisa Mellor News Oct 10, 2013

Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced he offered $75 million for 3 extra episodes of Breaking Bad, to be released online after the finale...

Peter Ramsey interview: revisiting Rise Of The Guardians

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Rise Of The Guardians wasn't quite the hit it should have been. Its director, Peter Ramsey, takes us through the last six months...