How Voltron Plans To Appeal To Its Female Fanbase

According to Voltron’s producers, DreamWorks has taken note of the series’ large segment of women fans.

If you’ve been to a large convention in the past year, you may have noticed a lot of Voltron fans. They line up for autographs, converse with each other, and, of course, cosplay. Online the same thing happens, with large groups of fans discussing the Netfix series and where it’s heading. With the series in its third season, the fanbase for the show has hit a fever pitch.

A very vocal and large segment of that fanbase is female. Many of the Voltron cosplay meetups are dominated by women dressed up as various characters, from the Paladins to minor characters, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

When asked why the series attracts this level of passion from women, co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery delightfully observes, “they have good taste.”

Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos believes that the show’s characters are what this large segment of the audience finds so appealing.

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“We’re not just a show about punching and kicking and lasers and all that stuff. We do some real character building. If that’s the audience that it finds and that’s the audience that grows out of it? We are more than happy.”

Dos Santos notes that at San Diego Comic-Con this year, DreamWorks (the company that produces Voltron), “definitely took note” of the large group of female friends present.

Dos Santos hopes they can continue to open up Voltron to this audience and, “maybe making financial sense to play to that audience.”

Dos Santos explains that while the series has sold a lot of toys, the people behind they series are very aware there’s a segment of the audience that doesn’t necessarily have content that’s targeted toward them. If they can build that both Dos Santos and Montgomery will be super happy.

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