BioWare's next title continues to confuse

Aaron Birch Trailer Aug 1, 2014

A new teaser for BioWare's next project has been released, and it's another odd one...

BioWare survey helps shape Mass Effect 4

Aaron Birch News Jul 16, 2014

If you want to have a little input into Mass Effect 4, complete BioWare's small survey...

EA confirms new Star Wars and Mass Effect titles

Simon Brew News Jun 10, 2014

New games from Criterion and Bioware from EA too, along with The Sims 4 and a new Star Wars: Battlefront sequel.

Gears of War producer leaves for Mass Effect

Aaron Birch News Jul 3, 2013

Epic Games' senior producer, Chris Wynn is headed to BioWare to work on Mass Effect...

Mass Effect 3 trailer blowout

Mass Effect 3
Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 10, 2012

A few new trailers have surfaced for the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3...

Why videogames haven’t grown up yet: Choice

Harry Slater News Mar 28, 2011

Harry continues his look at the growth of videogames with a look at how moral and narrative choices affect the games we play…

Looking ahead to Dragon Age 2

Phil Beresford News Mar 3, 2011

BioWare’s eagerly awaited Dragon Age 2 is almost upon us. Phil excitedly looks forward to the start of a new RPG relationship...

Choose your champion trailer arrives for Dragon Age 2

Ryan Lambie Trailer Feb 10, 2011

The latest trailer for Dragon Age 2 showcases the forthcoming RPG’s character classes in bloody fashion…

How RPGs provide a world of choice (and why they deserve more respect)

Phil Beresford News Jan 13, 2011

With Dragon Age 2 due to arrive soon on PC and consoles, Phil salutes the ever-evolving RPG, and the far-reaching effects its range of choices can provide…

Does a new clip hint at a forthcoming BioWare game?

Ryan Lambie News Nov 17, 2010

The appearance of an unknown soldier in a promo clip leads to speculation about what might be coming next from Mass Effect developer, BioWare…