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Captain America: Civil War - 8 lingering questions answered

James Hunt Feature
Apr 30, 2016

With spoilers, we look at the big questions left dangling by Captain America: Civil War...

Captain America: Civil War - post-credits scenes explained

James Hunt Rob Leane Feature
Apr 29, 2016

With spoilers (obviously): here's what Captain America: Civil War's post-credits scenes meant...

Christopher Markus interview: writing Captain America 2 and 3

James Hunt Interview
Aug 14, 2014

Ahead of Captain America: The Winter Soldier's release on disc, we talk to Christopher Markus about sequel screenwriting and Peggy Carter...

James Gunn interview: Guardians, music, Marvel and more

James Hunt Interview
Jul 31, 2014

We talk to the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy about working with Marvel, 70s music, and the mysterious end credits stinger...

Guardians Of The Galaxy review

James Hunt Review
Jul 24, 2014

Marvel takes a gamble with James Gunn's comedy action space opera, Guardians Of The Galaxy. James finds out whether it's all paid off...

Director Jeff Wadlow on Kick-Ass 2, X-Force and more

James Hunt Interview
Aug 19, 2013

We sat down with director Jeff Wadlow to chat about Kick-Ass 2, deviating from the comics, and what he has in store with X-Force...

Mark Millar on Kick-Ass 2, Jim Carrey, Nemesis and more

James Hunt Interview
Aug 16, 2013

The creator of Kick-Ass talks to us about his new film, the Jim Carrey controversy, Nemesis and lots more...

Kick-Ass 2 review

James Hunt Review
Aug 12, 2013

Kick-Ass is back, but can it match the humour and impact of the original? Here's James' spoiler-free review of Kick-Ass 2...

What did we learn from the Thor: The Dark World trailer?

James Hunt Feature
Aug 8, 2013

As the latest full trailer for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World comes down from on high, James puts on his magical hat of analysis...

An Avengers: Age Of Ultron primer

James Hunt Feature
Jul 22, 2013

Ultron. Who is he? What is he? Where does he come from? James delves into the history behind the Avengers: Age Of Ultron title...

Star Trek Into Darkness: our look at its 9-minute preview

James Hunt Feature
Dec 14, 2012

Spoiler warnings apply, as James describes what he saw at a screening of Star Trek Into Darkness' opening nine minutes...

Star Trek Into Darkness: press conference report

James Hunt Feature
Dec 14, 2012

Along with a nine-minute footage preview, James heard what the cast and crew of Star Trek Into Darkness have to say about the film...

Star Trek Into Darkness: trailer analysis

James Hunt Feature
Dec 7, 2012

We’ve now seen the first teasing trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, but what does it all mean? Here’s James’ analysis…

In praise of Adam Buxton's BUG

James Hunt Feature
Aug 20, 2012

With just two more episodes of Adam Buxton's glorious BUG left in the series, James tips his hat to a show that's made a successful transition from stage to the small screen...

Damon Lindelof on the Lost finale: A fan's response

James Hunt Feature
Jun 1, 2012

A week ago, Damon Lindelof gave us his long-awaited take on the controversial Lost finale, and here's what one fan has to say in response...

The Amazing Spider-Man: trailer analysis

James Hunt Trailer
May 4, 2012

There’s loads of stuff going on in the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. James takes a closer look to find out what it all means...

The Avengers: what to read after watching the movie

James Hunt News
May 1, 2012

Has Joss Whedon’s The Avengers left you hankering for more Marvel action? Then here’s James with a few comic book recommendations...

The Avengers review

The Avengers
James Hunt Review
Apr 19, 2012

Whether you call it Avengers Assemble or The Avengers, one thing's certain: it’s the best Marvel superhero movie yet. James explains why in his spoiler-free review...

Spartacus: Vengeance episode 10 review: Wrath of the Gods

James Hunt Review
Apr 2, 2012

James waves a fond goodbye to some classical storytelling at its best. Read his review of the Spartacus: Vengeance finale here...

Spartacus: Vengeance episode 9 review: Monsters

James Hunt Review
Mar 28, 2012

The penultimate episode of Spartacus: Vengeance holds a very bloody surprise departure for one character. Read James' review here...

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