Jessica Jones Recap: What Happened in Season 2?

Struggling to recall what happened at the end of season two in time for Jessica Jones season 3? Here's our spoiler-filled recap...

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Warning: major plot spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones season 2.

So. Following the events of The Defenders, Jessica Jones is driven by her adoptive sister, Trish Walker, to investigate IGH, the company responsible for Jessica’s powers. She resists, but only until a super-powered individual like herself is found dead – ostensibly an accident. Meanwhile, things are going badly for Trish – she’s being stalked by her ex-boyfriend Will Simpson (an ex-military man last seen in Season 1, going crazy from his addition to strength-enhancing drugs) and her radio show’s ratings are declining. Meanwhile, Pryce Cheng – a private investigator – attempts to hire Jessica, but is rebuffed.

While investigating IGH, Jessica finds that Kozlov, the doctor who experimented on her, has recently died in “an accident”. Trish believes that Will Simpson is behind both deaths and asks Jessica’s business partner Malcolm to help her locate him. When Jones and Walker later encounter Simpson, he denies his involvement and claims he was just protecting Walker from the real murderer – shortly before being killed himself.

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Hogarth, Jessica’s lawyer and some-time employer, is revealed to have ALS and is facing a buy-out from her legal partners. She asks Jones to investigate them. At the same time, Jones faces eviction from her apartment building’s new super, Oscar, who fears that her abilities will bring disaster to him and his son. Jessica’s investigations lead to a woman named Leslie Hansen, who was killed by IGH, but seemingly turns up alive. However, this woman is not Hansen, but the super-powered individual tracking down and murdering IGH victims.

Cheng attempts to hire Malcolm, but he refuses saying he’ll remain loyal to Jessica. While Jones is investigating the false Hansen they find Inez Green, a nurse who worked for IGH, and gives her to Hogarth. Meanwhile, one of Cheng’s men attempts to steal Jess’s research from her office only to be murdered by “Hansen”. The killing is pinned on Jessica, and although Trish attempts to save her using the IGH performance-enhancing drugs left behind by Simpson, but is arrested along with Jess.

Jones is released on bail after telling the police about her investigation, while Walker is bailed out by her mother while suffering the after-effects of the IGH drug. Walker’s new boyfriend proposes to her but she turns him down and takes more drugs. Jones tracks the mysterious woman to an aquarium, where she meets Karl Malus – another IGH employee Jessica remembers from her time being experimented upon. When Jessica is discovered, the woman smashes the aquarium to cover her escape.

Walker, now addicted to IGH’s drug, goes out looking to enact vigilante justice. Security footage from the aquarium shows Malus drugging the murderous woman and taking her away with him. As Malcolm and Jessica learn more about IGH, Green asks for help, telling Hogarth that one of the IGH test subjects can heal people – including Hogarth’s ALS. Jones tracks down Malus, only to be told that “Hansen” is actually her real mother – someone Jess believed to have died in the car accident that left her with IGH in the first place.

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A flashback episode reveals that Jones’s mother – Alisa – survived the accident after being taken to IGH but that her injuries were so severe that the healing process altered her looks and gave her a personality disorder causing extreme mood swings. As Jessica was adopted by the Walker family, Alisa stayed with Malus in the hope that he can cure her.

Jessica is sedated by Malus, and Trish and Malcolm sleep together, although when Malcolm realises she’s addicted to IGH’s drug he leaves. Hogarth visits Green’s IGH healer – Shane Ryback – in prison and vows to get him released. Jessica calls the police on Malus, who escapes, but Jessica and Alisa remain together and return to Jessica’s office.

Cheng, realising that Alisa killed his man, retaliates by firing on the Alias Investigations offices and hits Jessica. Alisa flies into a rage and attempts to kill Cheng, but Jessica saves him and convinces her mother to stand down.

When Hogarth gets Ryback released, he attempts to heal her and leaves with Green. Trish, high on IGH’s drug, quits her radio show on-air in a high-profile meltdown and is offered a position on TV as a result – though she blows her audition because she’s run out of the IGH drug. Oscar, Jessica’s super, requests her help retrieving his son from his ex-wife who has kidnapped him. Jessica and Alisa save Oscar’s son and although her mother is convinced of the benefits in helping her daughter save lives, she still wants to kill Cheng. Jessica frees Cheng and Alisa chases him, only to end up surrendering to the police when confronted.

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With Hogarth’s help, Alisa avoids jail – but only if she’ll give up Malus. Jessica convinces Malus to leave the country so that he can be safe from the authorities – they just need Oscar to forge him a passport. Malus tells them he never treated anyone called Ryback and Hogarth realises that she’s been scammed – instead, Ryback and Green have robbed her. Realising that her mother’s jailer is a murderer who has killed inmates before, Jessica attempts to fight him and accidentally kills him in self-defence.

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After making the guard’s death look like suicide, Jessica begins to hallucinate Kilgrave. Trish knocks out Malcolm and asks Malus to give her abilities like Jessica’s, and he agrees. Jessica tracks down Malus and Alisa but they escape when she’s forced to deal with Malcolm, who she then fires. Jessica finds Trish and Malus at the old IGH facility where Trish is part-way through the same process that gave Jess and Alisa their powers when it’s interrupted. Malus takes his own life rather than go to jail, and Alisa sees a report of this on the news which throws her into a rage, meaning she kills her guard then escapes.

Alisa goes looking for Trish, who she blames for Malus’ death, and eventually tracks her to the hospital where Jessica is protecting her. Alisa can’t kill Trish but in the fight she does kill a police officer. Jessica goes after Alisa while Trish has seizures after the IGH process was incomplete. Hogarth manipulates Green into thinking Ryback is lying to her and gives Green a gun so that she shoots him in the ensuing argument, then calls the police to arrest her. Jess tries to kill Alisa but can’t, so Alisa knocks her out.

When Jessica awakens they’re heading towards the border, and save a family from a car crash en route. The police give chase and realising there’s no way out, Alisa stops at a fairground she visited when Jessica was a child to await arrest. Trish sees that Alisa is there on the news, goes there and kills Alisa before disappearing. With her confidence restored, Hogarth uses material acquired by Malcolm to blackmail her partners into giving her money to start her own law firm. Malcolm joins Cheng’s agency and begins working for Hogarth. Back at home, Jessica and Oscar begin a relationship, and meanwhile Trish discovers that her reflexes have been heightened…

So, the status quo for the main characters as we start season three:

– Jessica, now working solo, is in a relationship with ex-con Oscar.

– Trish, ostracised from her work and family, appears to have superpowers – albeit ones that come from a process that makes you mentally unstable.

– Malcolm is now working for Cheng as a partner in his private investigation agency.

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– Hogarth, despite living with ALS, has set up her own law firm after blackmailing her colleagues.

– Meanwhile, Kilgrave, Alisa and Will Simpson are dead. Or at least, seem to be…

And now you’re ready for what’s next.

Jessica Jones season 3 arrives on Netflix on Friday, June 14.