Wynonna & Doc’s Relationship Status in Wynonna Earp Season 3

Between Baby Alice and Doc's trip to hell, Wynonna and Doc have a lot to work through in Wynonna Earp Season 3...

Wynonna and Doc’s relationship on Wynonna Earp has always been a complicated one, and the birth and departure of Baby Alice did little to simplify the dynamic. Heading into Season 3, what can we expect from the pair of sometimes-lovers? Den of Geek talked to the Wynonna Earp crew during last month’s ATX TV Festival to find out…

“The relationship does feel the ripple effect of sending Alice away,” said Tim Rozon (Doc), “yet I think people need to remember is that, by the end of Season 2, Doc Holliday went to hell. He went to hell. I always say we underplay Doc’s [trauma]. I mean, he lived in a well for 130 years at the bottom of a well.”

It sounds like Doc will be as morally-complicated as we’ve ever seen him in Season 3. Elaborating on Doc’s mental state, Rozon said:

He’s the only character who’s kind of out of time. He’s very alone in this world already. He’s out of time and he may or may not meet people from his time again. So, as close as he feels with Wynonna, it’s just like always this distance that they put between them and then having Alice was the one thing that was gonna bring them together. Well, we took that away. So there’s still always a distance. It’s not an easy love story.

“If we didn’t have baggage before…” Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna) said, trailing off into the mountains of baggage Wynonna and Doc have in Season 3. “Now, everything that we say to each other, every communication we have now, has that layer [of an absent Alice].”

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“Nothing you do is traditional,” Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras joked to Scrofano about the Wynonna/Doc dynamic, adding that everyone has a bit of Alice-related PTSD come Season 3, given the frenzied birth and abrupt departure of The Littlest Earp.

“Not everybody’s going to feel the same about it,” said Andras. “Do you know what I mean? Everybody might not be in the same emotional space. Wynonna and Doc, in the so many ways that our show’s untraditional, they had a baby before they even decided that they were actually a thing and Dolls is still in the scene. It’s kind of like, ‘What is happening?'”

It’s very relatable that Wynonna, Doc, and the rest of the Purgatory crew would still be reeling from Alice’s departure, not to mention the impending doom villain Bulshar represents for the town and world. Things have changed very quickly for the Wynonna Earp crew, and they haven’t really had the space to process those changes.

To recap some of Wynonna’s romance-related drama in Season 2: Dolls was planning on telling Wynonna how he felt before she got pregnant and everyone went into Widows crisis mode. Doc “Baby Daddy” Holliday was seeing Rosita, who betrayed Team Wynonna in the Season 2 finale, so that has got to smart. And Wynonna was not in a place to commit emotionally to anyone as she worked to process her pregnancy and fight the Widows. Basically, everyone is still trying to play feelings catch up. (But may I suggest polyamory, Wynonna, Doc, and Dolls?)

Whatever happens next in the Wynonna/Doc relationship, it doesn’t sound like it will be easy, but where’s the fun in that? Andras teased that one of her favorite Wynonna/Doc scenes of all time is coming in Season 3. Who wants easy when you can have Wynonna’s signature brand of bullheaded, brave, and so incredibly determined difficulty instead? 

Wynonna Earp Season 3 premieres on July 16th and July 20th on Syfy. For more information, check out our news hub.

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