World on Fire Season 2: Questions To Answer

World on Fire
Photo: PBS Masterpiece

World on Fire’s thrilling season finale resolves some of the major character arcs this season, while leaving others as excruciating cliffhangers. As the war rolls on in Europe, these are the most burning questions fans are still wondering about that will hopefully be answered in the already-greenlit Season 2…

Does Kasia reunite with Harry on the hill?

Season 2 will likely kick off with the end of this scene. Romance fans who insist on a HEA (happily ever after) ending may not get what they wish for. The Nazis were clearly chasing Kasia up the hill, and there’s also a good chance additional soldiers are blocking Harry’s path down the hill. There’s also the problem of Harry’s mission, even if they successfully escape. SOE (Special Operations Executive) agents in Poland were supposed to support the Polish government in exile, report on Nazi troop movements, disrupt German supply lines, and  train the Polish Home Army to openly fight the Nazis. The first intelligence on Auschwitz as a death camp was the result of Polish resistance and British agents working together. 

Will Albert escape the internment camp?

Albert’s future appears to be bleak, based on history. Jewish detainees from the internment camps near Paris such as Drancy were often shipped to Auschwitz and other concentration camps. The French Vichy government during Nazi occupation had a policy of cooperating with Nazi demands for jailing Jewish citizens as well as anyone engaging in resisting the Nazis. Many political prisoners were killed without warning to their families. There was an attempt by prisoners to dig an escape tunnel in the later years of the war, but the Nazis caught them. Albert’s storyline in Season 2 will likely become the mirror for all those who suffered in concentration camps. 

Where is Tom?

We last saw Tom in Episode 7, he was on the Spanish border being handed over from the French resistance to the Spanish anti-Franco forces. Although Spain was officially neutral, in order to continue importing materials from America, Franco’s government had ideological sympathy for the Nazis. The Spanish Army may have had border patrols along the Pyrenees mountain border with France, but the majority of the forces in this stage of the war were positioned to the south to avoid the Germans launching an attack from North Africa or the British launching an attack on Gibraltar. Tom could easily spend weeks or months dodging attention from the Spanish Army as he makes his way to the coast. His boat could potentially be attacked at sea by the German Navy as well. His whereabouts will likely be a mystery that will continue into next season. 

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How will Lois’ baby affect her career?

After reviewing the UK airing of the final episode, it is not clear what Lois named her little girl.

What is clear is that Douglas intends on being there for his grandchild, no matter what happens. There isn’t a restriction on married women performing for the troops, as Connie hasn’t been kicked out yet. As long as Vernon doesn’t prevent Lois from going back to work once she’s recovered, she can continue her performances. So far, Lois has shown no signs of conforming to traditional femininity, and Season 2 will likely feature more of Lois resisting these pressures.

Is there a spark between Douglas and Robina?

Fans throughout the season have noticed that, underneath all of the social repression and emotional baggage, there’s a bit of real chemistry between them. Douglas and Robina could easily be brought closer together through visiting with Yan and Lois’ baby. They’re both single, Season 2 could easily bring them closer together. The downside to Douglas and Robina becoming more than awkward acquaintances are the relationships with their children.

What happens to Yan when Gregorz is ready to leave the asylum?

Although Gregorz may want to return to the battlefield, he may not be medically fit to do so. If the British army rejects him for further training, charities focused on caring for refugees could assist Gregorz in reclaiming legal custody of Yan and establishing their own home in Britain. Reuniting the surviving Tomaszewski siblings is a long way away, but Season 2 will likely focus on Gregorz and Yan adjusting to life in England and overcoming their PTSD.  

Will Nancy escape her Nazi minder?

We’ve seen he doesn’t have the best intentions, but reporters working in German-occupied areas had no choice but to put up with censorship. Going rogue could literally cost her life. Season 2 for Nancy will likely bring new challenges as the war will likely lead her to the battlefront for reporting.  

What will happen to Klaus and Herr Rossler?

Herr Rossler’s life next season depends on how much the regime may want to pry into the murder and suicides. The nosy neighbor is likely already on the way to squeal. He has to hope there are more pressing matters for the police. Klaus may spend Season 2 back in battle. 

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What happens to Webster’s position at the hospital?

The hospital is controlled by Americans, so the Nazis can’t directly take over without triggering an international incident. They will likely continue to exert control over anyone they see as targets for internment such as Henriette for being Jewish and British soldiers viewed as POW’s. His attempts to free Albert may raise suspicion from authorities which may place him outside the diplomatic protection that American citizenship provides at this time. Season 2 for Webster heavily depends on if the timeline extends to when America becomes involved in the war.  

What historical events will next season cover?

Based on this season ending with the Nazi occupation of Paris in June 1940, next season will likely portray the rest of 1940 and into 1941. The German air force bombing of Manchester, London and other major cities during Battle of Britain starting in July 1940 will likely kick off next season. The Italian army invading Malta and other British controlled areas in North Africa in late 1940 and into 1941 will likely expand the international nature of the show. The formation of the Eastern Front in 1941 will bring new challenges to the Polish cast as the Soviets try to exert control on Eastern Europe. Depending on what events become the focus, Season 2 may not get as far as Japan bombing Pearl Harbor in December 1941, which triggered the United States to declare war on Japan, Germany, and Italy. 

The good news is that BBC already gave the production company Mammoth Screen the greenlight to film Season 2 of World On Fire. The bad news is that it may be a year or even two years before Peter Bowker’s scripts can answer these burning questions.