Who Needs Megazords When You Have Armored Saurus?

Move over megazords, Armored Saurus' dinosaur mecha combat must be seen to be believed.

Photo: StudioEon and Daewon Media

Do you like giant robots? Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like Power Rangers? If you answered any of those questions you’re aware of the Megazords in Power Rangers (adapted from Super Sentai.) Those giant robots that combine to make a big robot. They’re pretty cool, right? Yeah, of course they are. But what if they were even better?

“How?” you must be asking. How could giant robot dinosaurs be any cooler? We’ll tell you.

Giant dinosaurs who wear armor, effectively wearing a Mecha suit, and fighting other giant robots. These are the incredible creatures of a new series premiering next year, Armored Saurus.

Watch the trailer below and you’ll see what we mean.

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Allow us to run down the absolutely delightful things that happen in this trailer.

  • A Triceratops mecha with giant rattling guns on its back.
  • Dozens of purple pterodactyl mecha.
  • Mech armor being driven by cars
  • That mech armor then breaks apart and forms over the dinosaurs, seemingly allowing humans to “pilot” an actual dinosaur.
  • Spider looking mecha?
  • T-Rex mech stomping through solar panels. WHO NEEDS RENEWABLE ENERGY?
  • T-Rex mech biting down on a mecha mammoth’s trunk and using it to annihilate another mecha mammoth.
  • A dino mech extending, like, six giant swords out of itself to slice open an enemy.

This show looks incredible! It could have the worst plot ever but getting a TV show with that level of animation with THOSE mechs? Sign us up! The Megazords are but a distant memory now. We only care about Armored Saurus! (Which is a fantastic name.)

Hailing from StudioEon and Daewon Media, this Korean series is set to premiere in July 2021 with 26 episodes planned. The show looks to be all green screened with the actors mostly working in a giant green screen set. You can see more of that in a nifty making-of video, which also gives us a description of the series as well.

A dinosaur robot equipped with a state-of-the-art mechanical suit, and a story of a boy and girl pilots fighting against an army of extraterrestrial mechanical dinosaurs that invaded the Earth. It is a CG live action. The friendship between the dinosaurs and the pilots and their growth period are being drawn, and in the future, films and animations are scheduled to be produced.

The main characters are making friends with the (somehow?) still alive dinosaurs AND pilot them? Watch out Power Rangers, you have some competition!