Walker Episode 4 Review: Don’t Fence Me In

Walker continues to build on the show's mythos in a more Micki-centric Episode 4.

Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez in Walker
Photo: The CW

This Walker review contains spoilers.

Walker Episode 4

Walker’s “Don’t Fence Me In” takes the time to reinforce and explain that Micki Ramirez is a trailblazer. She’s doing the work so the ones who come after her don’t have to fight like she does every day. And it’s hard when you’re breaking the glass ceilings for the very first time. We see it in this episode with the way that Micki is used to show that the department has diversity. But Micki’s boyfriend Trey is also right. When stuck in a situation like this, you have to use the momentum to your advantage and continue moving forward.

This episode also makes it clear that Micki is Latinx, particularly when using Spanish. It’s a little bit stilted, not going to lie, but I appreciate that she takes the time to speak her language with her community, even if that community is the daughter of a suspect. Language brings us together and opens doors. Micki knows this and uses it to her advantage. For those that make fun of her Spanish, take a moment and realize that all Latinx people don’t know the language of their people. Sometimes parents want to distance themselves and blend in. As a result, many don’t know as much Spanish as you might expect.

When talking about Micki, I have to address her relationship with Walker in “Don’t Fence Me In.” He’s trying so hard to get her to open up and you can see the hesitation behind every single laugh. Micki has been hurt before and she’s trying her hardest to play it all off as a joke. It’s not. And there will come a moment when Micki will share her middle name and other bits of her life. I put my money on there being a really tense situation that puts both of their lives in danger. To distract Walker, Micki finally lays it all out and their relationship develops in unexpected and welcome ways. I’m not talking romantic here either. I’m talking about a partnership.

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On a non-Walker Texas Ranger front, the kids on Walker are … messy to say the least. I still enjoy that the show expands on other storylines besides Micki and Walker. But do we want to see teen drama where Stella connects eyes with some young man and all of a sudden there are sparks? Personally, I don’t. But at least it’s better than what’s going on with August. He fears that his father was cheating or something on his mom. Assumptions are never good for anyone and August is jumping through unnecessary hoops to get to his own conclusion. All that leads to is a miscommunication between father and son that hopefully will be fixed in the conversation they had.

The ICE storyline in “Don’t Fence Me In” is a little haunting, because of how close it is to our own reality, but I also feel a disconnect. If they’re going to go in that direction then Walker needs to fully invest or get someone like Micki to invest and be that trailblazer we all know her to be. Until then, we’ve got a side-story that doesn’t quite hit the mark, even though it’s serious AF. I would also like to see Isabel’s pain through her eyes. So far I’ve only seen it through Stella and the guilt that she feels at getting her friend in trouble. But it’s not about Stella and Stella alone. It’s about Isabel, her family, and the way that Latinx people are treated in the United States.

At the end of the day, Walker keeps building on the mythos of this show. Micki and Walker keep getting to know each other, with trust being at the core of it all. Walker is finding balance and harmony in his heart and life with his children and family by his side, with a side of curiosity for everything Micki. And the kids keep working on who they want to be by connecting with those that are unexpected but that will change their lives forever. For that, I can’t wait to watch more and explore what it takes to be a family connected to the Texas Walker lifestyle while being the superhero they need in each other’s lives.


3 out of 5