Link Tank: Is Walker on The CW Worth Watching?

Walker on The CW, TikTok's obsession with sea shanties, an interview with Kathyrn Hahn, and more in today's Link Tank!

Jared Padalecki in Walker (The CW)

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki’s new CW show, Walker, has premiered, but this Walker: Texas Ranger reboot doesn’t exactly wow.

“There are many moments in the pilot of Walker where someone talks about how Cordell Walker doesn’t play by the rules. He’s got his own way of doing things, you see, and he’s not like other Texas Rangers etcetera. The new series, a reboot of the Chuck Norris-led Walker: Texas Ranger, is extremely focused on building up the titular hero but at times that comes at the expense of actually making him a hero we want to root for.”

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Sea shanties have become the latest internet obsession. Here’s the science behind how these rhythmic tunes hijacked our brains.

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“On TikTok, the urge to be out in the wilds is manifesting in an unexpected way: a viral obsession with sea shanties. Written to be sung while hauling ropes or trawls on the deck of tall ships with sea spray misting your face, these addictive tunes detailing sailors’ woes, passions, and fraught relationship with home and sea have become TikTok’s meme du jour.”

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Kathryn Hahn talks her WandaVision character Agnes, her role as Doc Ock in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and more in this exclusive interview.

“Whenever Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes bursts into the camera’s focus on Disney+’s WandaVision, the show’s laugh track usually kicks in as the archetypical sitcom neighbor interrupts whatever odd thing Wanda and Vision happen to be doing. But the more time WandaVision spends following Agnes around, the more you see that, out of all of Westview’s residents, she might know the most about what’s truly going on.”

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Online gambling site BonusFinder is looking for someone to binge Netflix series and eat pizza—and they’re paying $500!

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“Making money from your hobbies almost never applies to watching TV with a slice of pizza in each hand. But for one lucky couch potato, it will. BonusFinder, an online gambling site, is looking for someone to binge-watch three series on Netflix and review them based on plotlines, acting quality, satisfaction with the ending, and several other criteria.”

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Microsoft has finally added HDR support for YouTube playback on Xbox after promising it for the last three years.

“Microsoft has been promising YouTube playback with HDR support on Xbox since 2017, and after years of waiting, it’s finally arrived. As Flat Panels HD discovered, Google has added HDR support for anyone accessing YouTube via their Xbox console. It uses Google’s VP9-2 video codec rather than the more recent—and royalty-free AV1 format, but the main point is it works now.”

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Selena + Chef Season 2, now out on HBO Max, is a delightful cooking show for everyone’s lock down watch list.

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“Over the past year—geez, can you believe it’s been a year?—the entertainment industry has attempted to use the pandemic to its advantage the best it can. Doug Liman flew himself to England to make a COVID-inspired heist movie. HBO made its election-themed Coastal Elites over the internet. But those projects have just stressed me out.”

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