Voltron Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Trial By Fire

Shiro finally gets everything he ever wanted and the team's bonds grow even stronger.

This Voltron Legendary Defender review contains spoilers.

Voltron Season 7 Episode 11

Look at how far Shiro has come. In the premiere flashback he was denied everything he ever wanted, to go into space. To have respect. To do what he loved. 

Now, in the heat of this incredible battle, Coran calls him captain. In that moment it all fell into place. While of course he was leader of the Paladins for awhile it wasn’t the same. That was more by circumstance, not by the strict rules of the Garrison.

On Earth though? In a Garrison ship? To be called a captain? That must mean the world to Shiro. After so few believed in him he finally has an entire crew looking up to him. Ready to take orders. Ready to go on a mission when previously he was barely allowed on one. 

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All of this and he’s a queer character. Bless Voltron.

We also return to the season’s theme of bonds. In previous episodes it was the bonds between the team and even their lions that saved the day. Here though it’s more than that. It’s the bond with everyone around them. All the important people in their life. Their families. Earth.

Voltron is slowly demonstrating how important and nessasary these types of bonds are to reach your full potential. You can’t do it all on your own. You have to rely on others. Your friends. Your family. The world around you.

Only when you forge those bonds and keep them strong can you obtain great power. As Shiro told the team, you can become more capable than your realize. That and get your giant robot lions to break you out of alien prison. You know how it goes.

Admiral Sanda’s arc is tied directly into that. She realizes he made a mistake and at first seems to be giving into despair. She messed up. Millions could die because of her. However, she accepts that responsibility and sacrifices herself to make up for it. In death she finally realizes what could have saved her.

Putting her trust in others, just like the team learned to do with each other. Trust those around you. Forge those bounds. Without them? You won’t stand a chance.

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The epic serialized story continues and now we have a giant warship on Voltron’s side. This show just keeps getting better and we’ve still got two more episodes to go!


Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter! 


4.5 out of 5