Voltron Force Complete Series Released On YouTube

The complete 2011 series is now free to legally stream.

Before Voltron returned in DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender, the big robot returned on Nicktoons in Voltron Force. This series, which ran from 2011 to 2012 for 26 episodes is now free to watch on the official Voltron YouTube channel.

While the series had been partially available before this is the first time the series can be watched all at once. Previously it was also available on Netflix but had been taken down just before Voltron Legendary Defender premiered last year. All of the episodes of Voltron Force are available in a playlist you can watch below.

Unlike Voltron Legendary Defender, Voltron Force was a sequel to the original 80’s series that not only reunited all of the original series characters (including Sven!) but also introduced a new group of cadets to help pilot Voltron

Sadly the series only had one season and ended on a major cliffhanger that has yet to be properly resolved. Still, there’s a lot the series has to offer for new and old Voltron fans. Tons of references and injokes to Voltron’s history and fandom make their way into the series. There’s even new modes for Voltron! Black Lion doesn’t always have to form the head, in fact all of the Lions get a turn to show their stuff.

If you consider yourself a hardcore Voltron fan you can’t miss this series. Give it a watch and see how it compares to all the other incarnations of the defender of the universe! Let’s Voltron!

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