“The Walking Dead” Recap – “Walk with Me”

Our own Bobby Bernstein got a few predictions wrong last week, but still plenty of creepy stuff in this week's episode.

Last week’s episode ended with the final two prisoners getting their own cell block, Herschel waking up and someone watching Carol in the distance.  So, let’s find out what the boys in the cellblock are planning and who is watching Carol from the distance.

The episode leads off with a helicopter flying around and then crashing.  Michonne and Andrea see the crash and begin heading towards it–right, because it is always a good idea to go TOWARDS the trouble.  Michonne and Andrea observe a group checking out the crash.  They are captured by Merle Dixon, Daryl’s brother, who was left handcuffed atop a building in Atlanta in Season 1.  This is an unexpected return of a strong character, who now has an advancement–a prosthetic bayonet attached to his hand (practical and aesthetically pleasing…well done, Merle).

Andrea updates Merle and tells him what has happened since he’s been gone, including telling him that Rick and Daryl went back to the rooftop to rescue him and updated him on who all has died.  Merle and the governor tell Andrea and Michonne that they are free to go whenever they’d like to, but he recommends they stay there in what he calls “Woodbury” for the night.  He leads them to a room, which has food and a hot shower (thank god… Andrea looks like a hot mess).

The governor is seen talking to the helicopter pilot and promises to find his men and bring it back.  Then the Governor talks to Merle and tells him to find out more about Andrea.  The Governor talks to a scientist, named Dr. Milton Jenner and they come up with a theory; if you remove the walkers’ ability to eat and remove their arms, then you can use them as camouflage. 

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They awkwardly referred to the tea twice…as if it were some sort of specialized tea.  The first time, the governor mentioned he needed Dr. Jenner for his tea, and the second time Milton asked Andrea if she liked her tea.  I just wanted to note this, in case it is significant in the future, because it seemed a little bit suspicious to me.

The next scene is the Governor and his men violently murdering the military men that the Governor told the pilot he would find and bring back to the settlement.  I have to admit that I expected the Governor to do something along these lines, but I did not expect that it would have been something quite on this scale.  Upon returning to Woodbury, the Governor makes a speech stating that the convoy was already attacked by walkers, but they were able to gather vehicles and weapons, making him look more like a hero and less like the wicked man he appears to actually be.

The ending scene of the episode shows the Governor turning in for the night.  He goes into a room and sits in a red leather chair.  From that chair, he is viewing a wall of fish tanks, except there are no fish in these tanks.  Instead, there are chopped off zombie heads!   Okay–this guy is officially one sinister s.o.b.  At the very top of all of the fish tanks, sits the head of the helicopter pilot from earlier in the episode.  What is the Governor up to?

We get a little bit deeper into Michonne’s character development.  We see that she is somewhat secretive and keeps to herself, and that talking about the two walkers she had chained up upsets her greatly.  There is something deeper to her story that we don’t know about yet and hopefully we will soon find out what that is.

We also get to see another bit of character development with Andrea.  It would appear that she might have taken a liking to the Governor.  With Andrea’s character being easily influenced, I can definitely see her taking sides with the Governor and possibly doing a little something else with him too (if you catch my drift). 

I would liked to have seen more development in the whole story instead of the entire episode just focusing on Andrea and Michonne’s story.  An episode without Rick and the gang just feels empty and void of anything truly meaningful.  We literally found out nothing about what I premised here last week (sorry, folks…I thought that was where the show was taking us today).   Hopefully, next week we will get more into who is watching Carol from the bushes.  However, the episode wasn’t terrible, and is still worth the watch.

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Quote Of The Night:  “Do you think they remember anything?  The person they once were?”-Milton

 Gore Meter:  3/10

Episode Rating: 6/10