The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 13: Arrow On The Doorpost, Review

Action, sex, zombies...what more could you want!

This episode of The Walking Dead starts off with one of the most suspenseful openings we’ve seen in awhile. Rick and Daryl make their way to some sort of barn, while Herschel stands watch, well sits in the car in his case (too soon?). Rick enters the barn and soon finds the Governor also coming in.

Rick lets the Governor know he is not afraid of the fight, but The Governor makes it clear that he’s not. This entire episode was basically just a big, testosterone match, with Rick puffing out his chest and The Governor lighting a cigar and arm wrestling a lion. The Governor brings up Rick’s baby possibly being Shane’s and not Rick’s, which he admitted he learned from Andrea. What does this say about Andrea? This further proves Andrea can’t be trusted, but then there’s a scene later in the episode in which Andrea is having a change of heart about being a part of the Gov’s crew, as she explains to Herschel. Another unwanted boo hoo moment for Andrea.

Glenn steps up, to put Merle in his place, while Rick is gone . Merle suggests that the crew pack up all the guns and take the fight to the Governor, but Glenn quickly shoots the idea down after little debate by saying, “it’s my decision and that’s final!” But a scuffle breaks out between Merle and Glenn as Merle tries to leave.

Beth grabs a gun, fires it into the air to break up the fight and then returns to la la land where she’ll probably stay until she has a one liner a few episodes from now.

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In an apparent contest for who can get the best kill between Andrea, Daryl and Martinez. Martinez takes the most gruesome kill with a zombie headshot via baseball bat. But, Daryl takes the cake for most effective by killing two zombies with one arrow.

The Governor says he wants Michonne in exchange for Team Prison’s safety. Rick considers it and as a father myself, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to give up Michonne to save my son’s life.

Glenn and Maggie get it on while they’re supposed to be keeping watch, which doesn’t have much significance in the show, but is a welcomed break from the zombie killing and disagreements. Make love, not war. Message received!

Rick tells the group that they’re going to war with the people of Woodbury. But, then Rick tells Herschel what the Gov really wants and that he plans to give Michonne up to the Gov in hopes that Herschel can talk him out of it. And I have a feeling that Herschel will talk him out of it, as Michonne has become an important staple and a fan favorite in the show, although Kirkman did shock fans by killing off fan-favorite Dale. Regardless, its unlikely Kirkman will write Michonne off, especially since he has spent this entire season building her character and relationships with the rest of the Prison crew, especially Rick and Carl.

I think Andrea left that meeting with a new plan to help out the people at the prison. Her mind has been made up, and she has no intentions of staying with the Governor. Andrea is probably going to enlist Milton, who is clearly upset about the direction that the Gov is going in with handling Team Prison. Somehow, in the next episode or two, Andrea and Milton will stage an uprising. And, judging by the previews from next week’s episode, it’s possible that Andrea also enlists Tyreese and his crew to fight against the Gov.

There are only THREE episodes left in this season of The Walking Dead and the show could go in many different directions. Kirkman teased that there will be another death before Season 3 is up. It could be any one of the show’s characters, but I think that the way Kirkman hyped it makes me believe it is going to be someone big. That rules out Beth, Carol, Milton and Martinez, and probably also rules out Merle. Who do I think will die, then? I think it’s going to be the Governor. And, who do I think is going to kill him? Maggie. It HAS to be Maggie. Watching Maggie get sweet revenge on The Governor would be a fantastic conclusion to Season 3, albeit too simple a solution and one that many fans might be expecting. Kirkman could also decide to write off Andrea and I’d be absolutely okay with that. She is too emotional and flip-floppy with her feelings; I wouldn’t mind seeing her get bitten by a walker to end Season 3.

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Gore Meter: 9 out of 10
Kill of the Night: Daryl with the Double Kill!
What do you think? Will Rick give up Michonne to save Carl and the rest of the prison group? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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