The Vampire Diaries: Do You Remember The First Time? Review

Rebecca is obsessed with cute, vampiric boys and has no regrets about it. Here's her review of The Vampire Diaries...

After six glorious (well, mostly glorious) seasons, the truth is finally out there (in a strictly non-X-Files way): Stefan knows that Caroline like-likes him!

That’s right, the review of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is being written by me, a twelve year old girl obsessed with cute vampiric boys and I regret NOTHING. As though paying penance for getting Elena and Damon together too soon in the show (and thus, having to create ridiculous plot-lines like the one currently unfolding), the burgeoning relationship between Caroline and Stefan has taken actual years to develop. The fact that Caroline mentioned — even obliquely (and it doesn’t get more oblique than what happened last night) — her feelings for Stefan were absolutely shocking and it was something likely to have longtime fans on the show on the edge of their seats (both proverbial and actual). 

It was a ultimately a very sweet episode, and one that answered the question: How will the characters have an opportunity to get dressed up and cling to each other as music plays if we stop throwing Founder’s Balls? Why, medical galas, of course! Has Shonda Rhimes taught us nothing? Answer: She has taught us so, so much.

The show did what it does best this week. It married romance and longing with the deliberate if piecemeal doling out of key plot points. As Jo calmly exclaimed yet a little bit more about her past (and her parting of ways with magic) to Alaric, Damon did all he could to trigger Elena’s feelings of love for him. This isn’t going to be something that happens easily which is good. That means we get to keep Liam around for a little while, which I am cool with as his a face I do not mind looking upon. 

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I guess 1994 Mystic Falls should be addressed some, yes? Because it’s still happening. If I was Bonnie I would have given up at this point. Thankfully, I am not Bonnie and so she is very much still battling Kai and working to repair the Ascendant herself solo. Obviously this didn’t go very well and the duo trapped together in time continue to be the show’s Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner. In this brilliant comparison the Ascendant is Acme. I wish the stakes of this storyline felt a little higher. By all rights they should be through the roof — Kai is absolutely terrifying. But poor Bonnie (as I’ve mentioned before) has been dead and alive and in between so many different times that I have a hard time truly believing in any stakes where she is concerned. This is a story that needs to quickly begin impacting the waking modern world soon before losing all its fighting power altogether. 

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4 out of 5