The Clone Wars season 4 episode 9 review: Plan Of Dissent

Could this week's episode of The Clone Wars feature the most spectacular space fight in TV history? Cameron thinks so, in his review of Plan Of Dissent...

This review contains spoilers.

4.9 Plan Of Dissent

Before I go into the heart of this episode of the long-running Star Wars animated show, a continuation of themes raised previously it should be added, I want to heartily congratulate director Kyle Dunlevy on creating one of the most sublime scenes ever committed to the small screen.

Heck, on the big screen it would be sensational too.

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During the third half of Plan Of Dissent, a quite weighty tale with issues of trust and loyalty at its very core, we’re treated to some good old-fashioned spaceships-in-the-sky-fighting-with-loads-of-other-spaceships. Specifically, it’s not unlike that moment in Return Of The Jedi, where every part of the screen seemed alive with the movement of Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers, laser blasts, A, B, X and Y-Wings.

Here, it’s much the same, with the Clones procuring rather snazzy Umbaran crafts into a firestorm of various ships in the upper atmosphere of Umbara (where this excellent four-part arc is taking place). It’s cinematic in its power and it will take your breath away.

You will gasp. It only lasts for 30 seconds or so, but the scene is utter Star Wars, so fantastical and so very spacey. The eight-year-old inside you will beam with joy.

Anyway, aside from this brief but glorious moment, Plan Of Dissent explores the themes witnessed in the previous two episodes; where the Clones have become unhappy with their new general, Jedi Master General Pong Krell. But now there’s even dissent amongst the Clones; some loyal to Krell and others with their own agenda. They may well be Clones, but the soldiers are most definitely individuals.

It’s almost a carbon copy of last week’s instalment, with the Clones disobeying orders and saving the day (which will comes a shock to no one), upsetting Krell immensely. So much so that he is left threatening their very lives for their actions – a chilling end to the episode. One can only wonder that Order 66 may come a little early for a certain Jedi in the final part next week.

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