The Boys Boss Confirms Ryan Is More Powerful Than Homelander

There's one character on The Boys who could potentially end Homelander's reign of terror - his own son.

Karl Urban And Cameron Crovetti In The Boys Season 2
Photo: Amazon

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has confirmed that Homelander’s son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) is way more powerful than he is, which could ultimately lead to a showdown between father and son if Homelander gets too out of control, and goes some way to explain why Vought International have been so invested in keeping him safe.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Kripke has been shedding some light on the current status of The Boys‘ central characters as the team behind the Amazon series get ready to film its third season. Once again, he reiterated that Homelander’s villainous Nazi girlfriend, Stormfront, is not dead, but he wouldn’t confirm if actress Aya Cash would be back to play her in Season 3.

“I’m not going to say one way or another, but I will confirm that she is not dead and that she is now officially Stumpfront. She’s just this kind of living torso. She cannot regenerate,” he said, adding “The strength of Ryan’s lasers — which were surprisingly powerful — are way more powerful than even Homelander’s when Ryan gets angry enough.”

Antony Starr, who plays twisted Superman character Homelander pitch perfect on The Boys, has been entertaining fans of the show across various social media platforms as Season 3 production delays roll on. The Kiwi actor seems to be having the time of his life playing Homelander, and as Kripke notes, he’ll have even more to sink his teeth into when Homelander begins to escalate his terror.

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Fellow The Seven member Queen Maeve will be preparing for that imminent danger, but others might find themselves on the backfoot.

“I think [Maeve]’s more aware than most how dangerous he is and knows that he is ultimately a ticking time bomb,” Kripke said. “So when you come in on Season 3, you find people feeling probably a little too comfortable because they scored a win and Homelander seems under control. She’s one of the only [members of The Seven] who is feeling pretty edgy about what she believes is coming around the corner, and spoilers, she turns out to be right.”

As for whether Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) would eventually become a reluctant father figure to young Ryan, Kripke wouldn’t comment, but did admit that any love Butcher has for Ryan still conflicts with his ideals.

“Really when he sees Becca embrace Ryan — it’s Karl Urban who said it best — Butcher stopped seeing Ryan as Homelander’s son and starts seeing him as Becca’s son,” Kripke explained. “He shows empathy towards Ryan because he’s realized that the kid is the last surviving part of Becca. So in that way, he loves the boy, but that’s at war with the deep-seated rage that he has about Becca’s death, and that rage is completely without direction and unprocessed. So [in Season 3], he’ll struggle a lot again with his human side, which is represented by Becca, and frankly his monster side, which is represented by his father.”

Amazon has not yet set a release date for The Boys Season 3, but the streaming service has ordered a spinoff series to complement the hit show.