The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 24 review: The Bon Voyage Reaction

In an underwhelming episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard gets an exciting job opportunity and Raj takes a huge step forward in his life

This review contains spoilers.

6.24 The Bon Voyage Reaction

This week’s episode finds Leonard faced with the exciting opportunity to perform research as part of a team working with Stephen Hawking. Unfortunately, his work will take him to a boat in the middle of the North Sea for four months. Sheldon, naturally, becomes upset as he doesn’t like to be alone, but he stumbles onto a good point when he says that things between Leonard and Penny have never been better… will four months apart change that? It’s a completely valid concern, but Penny promises Leonard that things will be fine and sends him off with a heartfelt “I love you” and a kiss goodbye.

Raj, meanwhile, starts pressuring Lucy to meet his friends, starting with Amy. As the newest member of the group, not to mention the person best equipped to understand Lucy’s social anxiety, Amy feels like the best choice for a first meeting. And sure enough, she actually seems to be getting along with Lucy and bringing her out of her shell until Raj starts putting her on the spot over every little thing. This problem is further compounded when he presses Lucy to attend Leonard’s going away party, which she is definitely not ready for. She eventually breaks up with him via text message, leaving Raj heartbroken. But when Penny comes to comfort him, he is able to talk to her… without being drunk! Raj finds that he is finally able to talk to his female friends completely sober… and then promptly refuses to shut up.

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As great as it was to see Raj finally able to talk to the ladies without being drunk, overall I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by this finale, as I’ve felt with most of this season. This season of The Big Bang Theory has ended with a whimper and not with a – pardon the pun – bang.

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