Big Bang Theory, Season 6, Episode 12: The Egg Salad Equivalency, Review

Big Bang Theory is back to the kind of humor we saw in Season 2. Three words people: Cereal Sausage Fest.

Leonard and Sheldon start off the show playing giant Jenga; a completely awesome idea I wish I could make a reality. Alex interrupts the guys and hits on Leonard.  Leonard enjoys the extra attention, as he is unaccustomed to being anyone’s love interest. 

Sheldon enlists what he calls “Sheldon Cooper’s Council of Ladies,” which is made up of Penny, Bernadette and Amy (he made them t-shirts), to help solve his dilemma. Sheldon spills the beans about Alex hitting on Leonard and Leonard enjoying it.  Penny is clearly upset about Alex hitting on Leonard. Bernadette suggests that Sheldon speak to Alex, as her boss.  

Sheldon talks to Alex and tells her she is basically a slave to her ovaries and she should look through an illustrated book of sexually transmitted diseases next time she is turned on. This leads to Alex going to the Human Resources department at the university to file a complaint against Sheldon. Sheldon is called into Human Resources and speaks to the HR manager, played by guest star Regina King (Southland, Ray). While being questioned, Sheldon throws Leonard, Howard and Raj all under the bus, telling the HR manager of their collective wrong-doings.  

Leonard, Howard and Raj are all then summoned to HR. Sheldon joins them shortly after, in an effort to accuse the Human Resources manager of offending him. We don’t get any resolution to this, aside from Sheldon having to apologize to Alex and have her take a sexual education seminar. However, the four guys standing outside the Human Resources office creates an entertaining image similar to being called to the principal’s office in high school. 

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Leonard apologizes to Penny by playing his cello. Penny reveals her insecurity, which Leonard further enjoys. Leonard tells her she has nothing to worry about and the two resolve their minor issue that no one really cared about to begin with.

Early in the episode, Raj makes the point that not one cereal mascot is a girl, calling the situation a Total Cereal Sausage Fest. Could this show get any funnier? Seriously, why have I never thought of that point before? He’s right!

Although Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon are all their stereotypical selves in this episode, you really don’t need much more than that. This show gets better and better each week, mostly thanks to Sheldon’s egocentric dialogue.  The episode is well deserving of a 9 out of 10, for being another hilarious knee-slapper that we didn’t really get much of in Season 2.