The 100: Sheidheda Goes After Madi in This Exclusive Clip

Sheidheda is making his move in this week's The 100. We have a sneak peek at his reign of terror.

The 100 Season 7
Photo: The CW

The finale season of The 100 isn’t limiting itself to just one Big Bad. While there might end up being a Bad that is Bigger than the rest, right now, Sheidheda and Bill Cadogan (with back up villain vocals from Anders) are in tight competition for Best Season 7 Villain. In this week’s episode, “A Little Sacrifice,” Sheidheda gains some serious ground in that respect by threatening Madi.

“I offered you a world, and you choose weakness… love,” Sheidheda, covered in the blood of the people he just slaughtered, tells Madi when he finds her in the canteen in our exclusive sneak peek at “A Little Sacrifice,” the ninth episode of the season.

This is all particularly terrifying and traumatic for Madi because, in Season 6, Sheidheda was one of the voices inside of Madi’s head, which is to say one of the many commanders inside of The Flame whose consciousness Madi had access to as the current Commander. Preying on Madi’s vulnerability when she thought Clarke was dead, the Dark Commander tried to convince Madi to start killing the Primes and, you know, pretty much everyone. Sheidheda eventually possesses Madi, using her body to try to gain control of Sanctum through whatever means necessary. Eventually, Raven uses a “kill code” to destroy Sheidheda, and The Flame with him. But, as we Season 7 watchers know, Sheidheda tricked them and actually uploaded his consciousness to Russell Prime’s Mind Drive.

So what does Sheidheda want now? To make sure Madi doesn’t pose a threat to him. “As a fellow former Commander, you have a claim to the throne. And while killing you solves that problem, it makes my Indra problem worse.” Check out this exclusive clip from the episode…

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I have to admit… I’m kind of surprised that Sheidheda didn’t kill Madi. After all, Indra already really wants to kill him, so I don’t know if killing Madi necessarily makes that worse. That being said, I am glad that Madi is not dead and would love to see her somehow be the one who takes Sheidheda down eventually. After all of the pain and trauma he caused her, not only in Season 6 but in the scene above, it would be fitting to see Madi somehow beat Sheidheda at his own game, while also not sacrificing any of the healing she has done this season. (Indra would also be an acceptable hero-character in this regard.)

“A Little Sacrifice” will air tomorrow night on The CW at 8pm ET. The official synopsis teases: “Sheidheda makes his move; a disciple goes rogue.”