The 100 Prequel Cast Details: Who’s in the Potential Spinoff?

In The 100 prequel pilot, we met the cast of the would-be series. Here's everything we know about their characters so far.

The Cast of The 100 Prequel
Photo: The CW

While we have yet to find out if The 100 prequel will be picked up as a proper series, we got a sneak peek into what this show would look like in this week’s episode of The 100, which acted as a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff. Perhaps most importantly, we were introduced to the characters who we would be spending more time with should the show get the greenlight. Let’s dive into who they are and the actors who play them.

Callie in The 100 Prequel Pilot

Iola Evans as Callie

In backdoor pilot “Anaconda,” we met Callie, an MIT dropout and activist who disagrees with her fathers politics and use of power. When nuclear apocalypse comes, Callie reluctantly goes with her family into the Second Dawn bunker, but chafes against the power structure from the get-go. When Becca is killed by Callie’s father, Bill Cadogan, Callie takes the 2,000 doses of Nightblood serum that makes it possible for humans to live on the irradiated Earth, gathers a group of like-minded Second Dawners, and sets out into nuclear wasteland to find people to save. Callie is played by Iola Evans, who has previously appeared on Carnival Row, Vera, and All of Them. Currently, Evans has a series-regular options to return if the pilot is picked up to series.

Reese in The 100 Prequel

Adain Bradley as Reese

Callie’s brother, Reese, does not see eye to eye with his sister. Desperate to prove his worth to his zealot father, Reese follows Bill Cadogan’s orders without question, even when Callie challenges the ethics of them. At the end of the backdoor pilot, Callie shoots her brother in the arm in order to secure Becca’s A.I. chip (aka The Flame) and gives him a dose of the Nightblood serum. While this may have been act of love, it was also extremely stupid. Now, he is both able and willing to set off across the nuclear wasteland to find Callie and the other Second Dawn defectors. Reese is played by Adain Bradley, who you may recognize as Riverdale’s Trev Brown. He has also appeared in All About The Washingtons, Mr Student Body President, The Bold and the Beautiful, and All American. Bradley has a series-regular options to return if the pilot is picked up to series.

Leo Howard as August in The 100 Prequel

Leo Howard as August

Leo Howard plays August, the dude with a guitar strapped to his back in the middle of an apocalypse. Like Callie, he doesn’t buy into the Second Dawn way of life, especially given that his girlfriend wasn’t allowed in the bunker, even though there was plenty of space for her. He ends the backdoor pilot episode on the run with Callie, guitar firmly in place. Holding out for a pickup if only so we get the inevitable scene of August sitting around the rebel campfire, singing Dispatch’s “The General.” You may recognize Howard from Legacies, Why Women Kill, or Santa Clarita Diet.

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Crystal Baint as Gemma in The 100 Prequel

Crystal Balint as Gemma

Gemma, aka Callie and Reese’s mom, may not survive past the backdoor pilot. After letting Callie the other rebels go, Bill pushed her into the irradiated entry chamber and locked the door. Did Gemma survive? We’ll have to wait until the potential The 100 prequel series to see if she makes it. She refused the dose of Nightblood serum that Callie offered her, but we did last see her putting on a radiation suit. If she was able to get it on quickly enough and find Callie and the others, there may be a chance she survived. Gemma is played by Crystal Balint, who has also appeared on The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco, Mech-X4, and Prison Break.

John Pyper-Ferguson as Bill Cadogan in The 100 Prequel

John Pyper-Ferguson as Bill Cadogan

It’s hard to imagine The 100 prequel series without antagonist Bill Cadogan. The Second Dawn leader has begun an important part of The 100 Season 7, but the backdoor pilot sets him up to loom even larger in the spinoff series. Not only does he have control over the Second Dawn bunker, but he has started to experiment with what we know is The Anomaly, convinced the wormhole system is the key to the next evolution of humanity, even if Becca has warmed him that it is the opposite. We know from The 100 Season 7, that Bill makes it, as he is awakened from his cryo-pod in Bardo hundreds of years later. The question is: at what point did he get into that cryp-pod?

Where might you have seen Pyper-Ferguson before? The actor has previously appeared in Queen of the South, Suits, The Last Ship, and Burn Notice, among many other credits.

Erica Cerra as Becca in The 100 Prequel

Erica Cerra as Becca

Bad news bears, Becca fans. The scientist doesn’t make it out of The 100 prequel backdoor pilot alive—not so much of a surprise, given we already knew she was burned at the stake by Bill Cadogan and his Second Dawn followers. That being said, we wouldn’t write Becca out of the potential The 100 prequel spinoff just yet. Jason Rothenberg told us that The 100 prequel series would employ a Lost-like flashback structure that would give us glimpses into “the world that led up to the apocalypse.” Becca is still alive in this world and, as we saw on the news in Callie’s room, very much a public and vocal figure. There’s definitely room for revisiting the Becca character, who has been so important to the mythology of The 100 so far, in the prequel spinoff.

Cerra has appeared in TV shows like Supernatural, Deadly Class, and Rush, as well as in movies including Power Rangers, Blade: Trinity and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Tristan in The 100 Prequel

Craig Arnold as Tristan

Tristan is a Second Dawn believer and Reese’s right-hand man. When he is exposed to radiation during a mission, Callie gives him the Nightblood serum, which means he can survive on the surface. At the end of the backdoor pilot, he and Reese agree to find the Second Dawn rebels. You may recognize Arnold from Degrassi: The Next Generation, Impulse, or Heartlands.

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Which characters would you like to see more of in The 100 prequel series? Let us know in the comments below.