When Will The 100 Season 7 Return?

The 100 Season 7 will return in September. Here's everything we know about the next episode...

Indra in The 100 Season 7
Photo: The CW

These days, we appreciate new television more than ever. As we venture further into this new content desert, the examples of fresh growth are dwindling. One such TV show is The 100, which is currently in the midst of its seventh and final season. As a midseason return, The 100 was one of the final broadcast network shows to wrap production before the outbreak of COVID-19 began and productions everywhere were forced to shut down. This means that, unlike a show like Syfy’s Wynonna Earp which returns this Sunday for the six episodes of Season 4 they managed to film before production was halted, we will be getting a full season of The 100 Season 7 without abnormal interruption.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting some normal interruption! As of right now, The 100 Season 7 is on mini-hiatus for a few weeks. The last episode to air was “The Stranger,” which is the 12th episode of the 16-episode season. It aired on August 19th marking the last new episode for a few weeks; The 100 won’t be returning until September 9th. The next new episode is called “Blood Giant.” It was written by Ross Knight and directed by Michael Cliett.

What can we expect when The 100 returns? Well, the synopsis teases: “The red sun derails Clarke’s plans.”  Classic red sun behavior! As you may or may not remember from Season 6, the moon of Sanctum sometimes undergoes a celestial event in which two suns eclipse and release a psychosis-inducing toxin from the plants. Every creature that is exposed to the toxin erupts into violence or some other extreme action. Yes, that includes humans. When Clarke was exposed, she hallucinating hearing Abby’s voice on the radio trying to convince her to die by suicide. When Bellamy was exposed, he became so paranoid that he tried to kill Clarke and Murphy. In other words, shit’s about to get real. This could cause some major, unexpected narrative twists. Check out the promo below…

The last episode saw further “explanation” into Bellamy’s evolution into a Second Dawn believer of sorts. It also brought most of our main characters onto one planet, which hasn’t been the case for a long while. With only five episodes left, The 100 has a lot to wrap up in a short amount of time. Hopefully, everything starts to come together with “Blood Giant.”

The 100 returns on September 9th. Read more about the current and final season here.

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