The 100 Season 7: Questions to Answer

The 100 Season 6 finale left us with some major questions for The 100 Season 7, aka the final season.

Warning: This The 100 Season 7 article contains major spoilers for The 100 Season 6 finale.

Like so many The 100 season finales before it, The 100 Season 6 finale left us with more questions than answers. With the show’s final season coming in 2020, we have a lot of time to think about which questions we need answered in The 100 Season 7. Here’s what we came up with…

What happened with Sheidheda and the flame?

After Clarke’s daring gambit feigning suicide helped Madi put Sheidheda at bay, Raven was able to remove Sheidheda from the flame, and with him, render it useless and remove it. But there was one panicked line from Raven that made it sound like Sheidheda’s code went somewhere – since she was using the Eligius’s computer, that seems like the most likely place.

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Is he still kicking, and what havoc could an evil Grounder commander wreak with that kind of technology? More importantly, did any of the other commanders come over with him? If we’re in for a fight between Sheidheda and all the commanders past to play out over the ship’s systems, my money’s on Lexa.

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There are other implications to the death of the flame, both political and religious. What does it mean to be a night blood anymore other than the ability to enter the radiation shield, and for Echo to have been made into one? Gaia, as the only living true fleimkeepa (I’m not counting Murphy), looked particularly saddened to see the flame lifeless. Will the Grounder religion go away now that the flame is no more? What does the end of a religion even look like? We might see that process in parallel as the remnants of Sanctum go through a similar process.

On the political end of the spectrum, the flame was always what gave legitimacy to the winner of the conclave, making them truly the next commander. We saw Ontari try to fake it without the flame – she knew if she were found out, it would spell the end of her regime. Will Madi hide the truth from WonKru, now that they’re awake? Will they still follow her without the flame?

Who will be in charge on Alpha?

This season avoided the inevitable friction between the various leaders by sidelining Madi, Clarke, and Bellamy at various points in the season. All three were almost never conscious and physically together at the same time. But will SpaceKru really fall in line behind Madi? That has always seemed unlikely at best, even for the brief period of time when she had the flame and the support of WonKru. Without both of those things, she’s just a once-powerful child who has been through a lot of trauma.

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The core group genuinely did their best in Season 6 to do better this time around, they were just up against a situation that wouldn’t allow for it. But what does it mean to do better and build a better society in the aftermath of so much violence and loss of innocence? Will any of the other peoples of Alpha even want to have anything to do with them? What other natural and supernatural dangers does the moon have in store? And after Russell mentioned the other outposts and their mind drives at Beta, Gamma, etc., might there be other humans still out there to make contact with, should SpaceKru (or anyone else) want to try?

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The people of Sanctum, however many there are left, have been abandoned by those who they once thought were gods. In the season finale we saw that some staunch true believers were left, still carrying out the Adjustment Protocol, while the next day things seemed to have calmed down a bit more. Can the people of Sanctum be absorbed into SpaceKru/WonKru, or vice versa? What will happen to all those homes and things left behind? Will there be desecration of the old shrines, looting of what they left behind, or might some continue to be loyal and faithful, in spite of all evidence to the contrary? If Jordan’s conversation with Bellamy and his holding a mind drive is any indication, he might be one of them.

The Children of Gabriel teamed up with the Blakes to take on Sanctum. With the Primes out of the picture, they no longer have a reason to fight. What does that mean for their way of life? Of course, nearly fifty years of culture, class-based genocide, and guerilla warfare all add up to something that isn’t swept away as soon as the Primes are gone, so I doubt it will be one big happy family. Would the Children of Gabriel even want to live within Sanctum, or is the goal going to be peace between the two factions?

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Going back to that brief alliance between the Blakes and the Children of Gabriel – at some point, SpaceKru might have to answer for how quickly they were willing to allow the Children of Gabriel to die just so they could save themselves. And while plenty of people know Murphy and Emori aren’t Primes, it seems like the majority think that they’re Kayleigh and Daniel reincarnated, a dangerous idea to leave uncorrected. Within SpaceKru, while Murphy eventually came around, he spent much of season 6 making disturbingly bad choices after dragging Clarke for making tough ones of her own. Will he have to answer for those? And will his immunity to the Red Sun Toxin ever come up again?

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Where are Diyoza and Octavia?

Right at the end of the Season 6 finale we got the most exciting mystery of all: the Anomaly Stone. Daniel introduced much of the basic questions: what is it made out of? Who created it? What is it for? It seemed to send out a temporal mist, quite similar to what affected Octavia earlier in the season during the temporal flare – did it have any affect other than bringing back Hope, Diyoza’s daughter?

Hope brought her own bundle of mysteries. Wherever she was, time was clearly passing differently as she seemed to be a teenager or so. Who was the “he” that’s holding Diyoza? How and why does Octavia seem to know who this is and already understand that the stabbing is coming? Did Octavia go back into the Anomaly? How long was she there the first time? Are Bellamy, Daniel, and Echo going to go after her? What makes Octavia the only one able to go in and out?

We’ll have to wait until 2020 to find out all the answers for sure, but hopefully we’ll get a teaser, a full trailer, and some behind the scene content before then. Read more about The 100 Season 7 here.

Delia Harrington a freelance writer and photographer focusing on social justice and pop culture through a feminist lens. She loves post-apocalyptic sci-fi, historical fiction, and feminist comic books. You can follow Delia @deliamary.

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