The 100 Season 7 Premiere: Where is Bellamy?

We have some major Bellamy questions after The 100 Season 7 premiere.

The 100's Bellamy Blake
Photo: The CW

This article contains spoilers for The 100 Season 7 premiere.

The 100 Season 7 premiere was sadly light on Bellamy Blake. We got to see some solid acting from Bob Morley in the episode’s opening moments, as Bellamy yelled for his sister. Quickly, however, he was knocked out and dragged by the mysterious cloaked figures who came through the Anomaly. Later in the episode, we get a shot from the perspective of one of the soldiers’ helmet viewscreen. It confirms that Bellamy Blake has been captured. Yikes!

Where Has Bellamy Gone?

My money is on Bardo. Where is Bardo, you may ask? It is yet another clue we glean through that helmet viewscreen. In addition to kidnapping Bellamy, the soldiers also have orders to bring Echo and Gabriel to a place called Bardo (and to kill Hope, nbd). Eagle-eyed viewers would have first learned about Bardo in the previously-released new opening credits for The 100 Season 7. In them, we learn that Bardo is a planet without breathable atmosphere. (OMG, be careful, Bellamy!) It was one of the destinations of the Eligius III mission. Presumably, we will learn more about it—and if Bellamy is there or not—later in the season.

When Will Bellamy Be Back?

Don’t expect Bellamy to pop back up soon. Talking to TV Line about Bellamy’s disappearance, The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg said his disappearance will “play a huge role in the season,” adding that: “It’s the mystery people are trying to solve. It’s the thing that’s going to be driving so many of our characters this season — to find him and hopefully save him.”

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This seems to be an example of a real-life absence driving a narrative decision. Rothenberg shared that “Bob [Morley] asked to take some time off this season, and we honored that. We were able to write around it.” Rothenberg also confirmed that we will see Bellamy again.

Who Has Taken Bellamy?

This is perhaps the most important of the three questions, narrative-wise. Who sent the mysterious soldiers who have some control over the Anomaly, want to kill Hope, and dragged Bellamy away? Presumably, they are led by the “he” that Hope mentions to Octavia in the Season 6 finale—the “he” who has Diyoza and who seemingly asked Hope to stab O. Did this person get Octavia, too? And, if so, does that mean there is a chance the Blake siblings are together? This might be too nice of a thing to hope for so early in the season.

Right now, the chief suspect for the big bad of the season is Sheidhea, who we saw manipulate Madi last season and who we see hop into Russell’s body in the Season 7 premiere.

“Sheidhea wants power,” Rothenberg told TV Line. “He wants to be in control and take his place on the throne. And there’s a palace at Sanctum, so that fits his agenda quite nicely. That drives his agenda moving forward. We don’t do this very often where the audience knows something ahead of the characters, but we have some fun with that for a few episodes this season.”

Does that power connect to the Anomaly or is there more than one bad guy The 100 gang needs to worry about in this final season?

Who do you think nabbed Bellamy? Let us know your theories in the comments below.

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