Teen Wolf: Time of Death Review

This week's Teen Wolf was well-done in every aspect. Here's Rebecca's review...

Some weeks, Teen Wolf is capable of weaving together its strengths in such a flawless way that it’s almost impossible not to audibly ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’ or clap like a total goober. This week? Yeah. It was one of them.

“Time of Death” was well-paced, well-written, superlatively acted, and, in short, the whole episode hummed along like a stunning like spaceship that I want to carry around in my pants. I. I’m not entirely sure what I mean by that? But I know it’s good, and I know I’m standing by it.

This is a show that works best when there’s an immediate mission at hand. As such, the main gang’s ploy to draw out The Benefactor and reveal their identity (it’s totally Scott’s dad, right?) was a perfect A story-line as they come. With it, came the opportunity for some pretty stunning emotional development that the show has been in desperate in of this season. While ‘dead,’ his friends and enemies alike in a frenzy all around his non-remains, Scott dreams. Much like Lydia’s haunted, mod-inspired, Lynchian record room, the visual landscape of Scott’s dream was eerie, beautiful and disturbing. 

We watched as the holding drawer of the morgue turned into a metal tube from which Scott was ejected into Beacon Hills High. The dream repeated again and again, with only a few elements changing. He sees Liam, they speak, he touches on Scott’s fears about what he’s becoming, and then The Mute appears and kills Liam. By the end of the dream, The Mute had taught Scott how to hack Liam to death, and Scott liked it. Given Scott’s ambivalence about the ease with which his father straight up cold-cocked that guy last week, I think having suspicions about his dad is totally valid.

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Another stellar aspect of this episode that can’t be overlooked: The pieces all coming together. You can see the battle lines are officially drawn, it just took them a little while to get there. Team Kate and Team Peter, now, that is alarming. Chuck in an army of Bezerkers and my drawers need changing. I’m worried about the convenience-factor in Kira’s mom being mortally wounding causing both mother and daughter to skip town for a while.

Here’s hoping it’s a deliberate plot-based choice and not a “aaaaahhhh what do we do with Kira?!” move. Lydia’s story is unwinding in a beautiful way. Whatever clapping and squealing I had managed to suppress came to the surface when it became totally clear that her grandmother was also a Banshee.


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4.5 out of 5