Teen Wolf: Third Eye Blind review

A perfect episode of Teen Wolf deserves a spoiler-filled review, no? Yes. It does.

If I ever said a less than flattering word about Teen Wolf, may Kate Argent and every member of her Berserker army come and make me pay for what I have done. Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf was completely on point. As usual, the visual beats of the show were stunning (um, can someone please take me on a date in a loft full of dazzling ambient light bulbs and force me to watch Star Wars, please? Anyone?) and the narrative and emotional threads were all well-served.

I feel like a full baby who has just been burped: It won’t get any better than this until I poop, y’all.

Scott and Kira took their relationship to the next level tonight. By which I mean, they kiss each other’s parts but full coitus was prevented when Kate and her skull-clad army kidnapped them and absconded with their unconscious persons to Mexico. I got flashbacks of Michael Douglas’s psychological thriller The Game, but that could very well just be me. Side note: Lol, that movie though, amiright? Classic.

In Mexico, we learn that Scott is going to be turned into a Berserker. Kate’s motives seem unclear here, but I don’t doubt that they’ll be explained. Right now though, her angle is a little obtuse. Just saying “I want to know about you Scott” sounds less like an ominous threat and more like a line Kate would use to try and pick him up after hours at a TGIFridays. Other pick up lines used at the restaurant could involve the deputy hitting on Daddy Argent by being all, “Is that a lead pipe keeping you pinned to the wall or are you just happy to see me?”

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The show has done an excellent job setting up Scott’s potential fall from grace and that was never more true than this week. We are reminded once again that Scott is a true alpha — one who came into his powers for no reason other than his nature. But Scott’s been battling his violent urges all season and this skull-mask being shoved onto his face could be his undoing.

I’m curious to see what Scott’s fate means for Liam. He can’t shake the fear of his encounters with the Berserkers, which, you know — fine! I’m glad there’s a character who has adopted the totally realistic “this is too much for my brain to handle” posture of finding themselves in this position. That said, it needs to go somewhere interesting. Liam’s fear and his explosive anger are great guns that the writers have introduced — fingers crossed they won’t misfire.

It was great to see Dr. Deacon back in action. I have to say that my pleasure at his return was magnified when I quietly realized that the show now officially has their own Hannibal Lecter in the person of the hole-in-head having Dr. V. The fact that there’s a supernatural ward in Eichen House is sensational and, god willing, some plucky development-minded creative will conjure up a spin-off worthy of being the descendant of a show this splendid.

Parting questions: So Peter wants Kate dead, now? Does that mean he didn’t really want Scott dead? Who DOESN’T Peter actually want dead and also shouldn’t Derek just give him that sack of cash to calm him down and keep him from causing terrible things to happen to Malia as I’m sure will transpire? Sigh. Oh Peter. You’re lucky I am so deeply invested in your well-fitting tee-shirts.

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5 out of 5